Uber Falling to Little Tiny Inappropriate Comment Pieces

The fall of the executive staff and brand image of Uber is hard to pin down precisely. There was certainly a huge bullseye on the company after CEO Travis Kalanick joined the Trump Presidential economic advisory board. A move lauded by nearly nine percent of people in the... read more

Eric Holder Cha-Chings Again With Uber

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder was one crafty motherfucker. That's not the worst thing you can say about a lawyer. It might be the best.  read more

Corporate CEO's Working Over the Politically Hysterical

Over the weekend New York City cab drivers refused service to JFK in protest of the new Trump Executive Order on freezing refugee admissions from seven Middle Eastern countries. The work stoppage was one percent principled and ninety-nine percent practical as every single... read more

Uber Mein Fuhrer

Uber is facing controversy because their Vice President brought up the idea to hire "Opposition Researchers" to slander journalists who report on all the fucked up shit their company does. He actually didn't do this on a secret mini-cassette recording but in front of a... read more

The CEO Of Uber Irritates

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has angered Uber drivers by saying he would replace them with robotic self driving cars. The drivers are now threatening to unionize, which I'm pretty sure is the exact plot of RoboCop. I wonder if these robots are capable of nuanced discussion... read more