Nets Owner Pisses Off Putin

If you ever find yourself getting down on America, remember there's the rest of the world. Exhibit A: Russia. Billionaire oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov can buy an NBA team, run the team into the ground, fuck models, and say whatever he wants. In America. In Russia you can't... read more

Putin Has The Biggest Balls of Them All

Vladimir Putin might be a gay-hating arrogant sinister ex-KGB topless horseback riding prick of a dictator, but he's got actual nads. I don't know who was the biggest pussy on the Asian Pacific Summit of important world leaders dais, but it wasn't the Russian leader who... read more

Painting Of Putin In Panties Seized In Moscow

A painting portraying Russian president and all around manly man Vladimir Putin brushing prime minister Dmitry Medvedev's hair while dressed in drag has been seized by Moscow police. The painting did not go over well in the increasingly restrictive and anti-gay Russian... read more

The Tsar Of The Ring, Part 2

We told you last week about an allegation that Russian president Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring from Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The tale goes that Kraft showed the ring to the Dark Lord who promptly stole it for its power and shininess. Putin claims Kraft gave... read more

Vladimir Putin Horked a Super Bowl Ring...Maybe

Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Bond villain looking Russian president Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl Ring. No, he didn't shove Kraft's head in a toilet like a bully in an 80's movie and snatch the ring off of his finger. Kraft says that at a gala event in St.... read more