Justin Bieber Is Partying With Paris Hilton And Wesley Snipes In Cannes (VIDEO)

In an ongoing effort to show us what a joke of a shitshow the Cannes Film Festival has become, not only has Paris Hilton been pretending she's still a DJ at clubs in the city, but now the boy who couldn't ever wear a shirt, Justin Bieber, has brought his saggy jeans and tough guy routine to a once-reputable celebration of the movie industry as well. On Sunday night, Justin hit the Gotha night club, where Paris was...read more

Wesley Snipes goes to jail today

The picture in the headline shows the 70 foot cell where Wesley Snipes will spend the next 3 years for tax evasion (UHQ of the pic here), but he's hopeful for a last second reprieve based on what seems to be a very obvious bias by the jury. CNN says... One juror, Frank Tuttle, gave Larry King Live a written statement that three other jurors had made up their mind that Snipes was guilty before the trial began. The...read more

Wesley Snipes is finally going to jail for tax evasion

It's been two years since Wesley Snipes was convicted of tax evasion, and he's managed to stay out of jail all this time, but today a judge denied his request for a new trial and ordered Snipes to surrender and begin his sentence. E! says... "The defendant Snipes had a fair trial," U.S. District Judge Terrell Hodges wrote in his 17-page ruling. "He has had a full, fair and thorough review of his conviction and...read more


Wesley Snips is so screwed - Wesley Snipes will spend the next three years in jail after a Florida judge gave him the maximum sentence possible for evading federal income taxes from 1999 to 2001. This was even after the judge referred to the case as a misdemeanor, saying, "In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanors." Snipes fucked up. He should have done this stuff in California. Cops there don’t do shit....read more


Wesley Snipes is facing 16 years in jail because he hasn't filed taxes in 6 years and hired a firm with a history of false returns to fraudulently claim the IRS owed him 12 million dollars. When asked for a comment, Snipes asked if you were gonna finish the rest of that sandwich. You said you were, and he said oh, okay. Vince Vaughn is suing two British Newspapers because they claimed he was cheating on Jennifer...read more