Rap Feuds Have Hit An All-Time Low

By Travis July 02, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Back in the good, old days, if two rappers didn’t like each other, they’d either settle their beef by writing hate-filled diss tracks about each other, like Jay-Z and Nas, or in extreme cases, it would be settled in the streets by warring gang members*, like Biggie and Tupac. Unfortunately, today’s rappers feud about as well two special needs girls. Case in point – Pharrell is suing will.i.am over the use and ownership of the phrase “I am”.

According to TMZ, will.i.am’s lawyers fired the first shots with a cease and desist after Pharrell created the YouTube channel “I Am Other”, so Pharrell responded by quoting Dr. Seuss lines in his own lawsuit, in proving why he should be able keep the title. I think the simple solution is to just let Suge Knight handle this the right way in exchange for not sending him back to jail. Justice used to mean something in this country.

*And dirty cops. You can’t ever forget the dirty cops.

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Will.i.am Is a Lying Thief Who Lies and Thieves

By Lex April 24, 2013 @ 9:36 AM

Will.i.am asked this Russian DJ who goes by Arty if he could license his electronic music mix ‘Rebound’ for use in his own song, ‘Let’s Go’. The Russian DJ never responded to the request. So, Will.i.am used it anyhow.

“Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to ‘Rebound’ this last year. I got in touch with Arty and showed it to him, did a different version to it ’cause I asked him [to] make it newer ’cause I don’t just wanna take your song and rap over it.”

Something happened and the clearance… hopefully we resolved the issue.”

Yeah, you resolved the issue by stealing his music and then not admitting it until your song was released. Even if you interpreted his non-response  as a ‘go for it’, why didn’t you pay for the track? I don’t listen to any of this crap, but I would like to see somebody go full Yakuza on Will.i.am and take a finger or step on his stupid glasses or something that will make him cry.

will.i.am Has Justin Bieber’s Back

By Travis April 22, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Pop star Justin Bieber took a lot of shit from people last week after he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and signed the guestbook with a note about how he hoped the teenage Holocaust victim would have been a “Belieber”. While people took offense to the comment, calling the 19-year old and his fans ignorant and misguided, there are at least two celebrities who are defending Bieber.

First, Joan Rivers told TMZ that she thinks his comment just “came out wrong”, and she would know because she makes jokes about the Holocaust. But fellow pop star will.i.am had a much more rational take on the story than “He probably could have worded it better”.

“The dude was in freaking Amsterdam. He could get sex because it’s legal, he could get drugs because it’s legal, and now we are making a hoopla because he said, ‘I wonder if Anne Frank was a Belieber?’

“He went to a museum! If you go to Amsterdam you are going to see some crazy freaking s**t… there is a lot of s**t to do in Amsterdam but he chose to go to Anne Frank’s house. The guy is all right.” (WENN.com)

He’s right. We should just be happy that Bieber didn’t go to Amsterdam and jam a syringe full of heroin into his eyeball while he paid some women at sex dungeon to choke him until he couldn’t feel his heartbeat and a couple guys in hoods tossed his lifeless body into the Amstel. I guess.

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Victims should not be mocked

By brendon June 28, 2009 @ 2:59 PM


I suppose it’s possible that Megan Fox will let you bang her in the ass before midnight tonight, but short of that the most awesome thing that will happen to you all day is when you hear Opie and Anthony (official site here) and the great Patrice O’Neal listen to a now very famous youtube video.

This has astoundingly NSFW language, so keep that in mind if co-workers would object to the sounds of anal rape and then you pounding your desk in uncontrolled spasms of laughter.

Perez is having a good week

By brendon June 25, 2009 @ 1:31 PM

dhn JACKSON 1280

I only occasionally get stories directly from trusted sources, I get most of them from online news reports, so I haven’t developed Perez Hiltons keen eye for the inner workings of Hollywood.  It sounds silly now, but many thought when reports came flooding in that Michael Jackson had a heart attack, it meant he had a heart attack.  But Perez knows how to read between the lines.  This was his first post when the story broke:

“We knew something like this would happen!!
Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from his Holmby Hills home to a nearby Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon!!
Supposedly, the singer went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics had to administer CPR!!!
His mother is even on the way to visit him!!!
We are dubious!!
Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for his big HBO special in ’95 when he “collapsed” at rehearsal!
He was dragging his heels on that just like his upcoming 50 date London residency at the 02 Arena, of which he already postponed the first few dates!!!
Either he’s lying or making himself sick, but we’re curious to see if he’s able to go on!!!
Get your money back, ticket holders!!!!”

(screencap here)

Will.I.Am finally speaks

By brendon June 25, 2009 @ 10:00 AM


Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton have both issued statements today concerning the incident this weekend in Toronto, and I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but Will.I.Am’s statement is 172 words long, and he uses I, me or my 4 times. Once every 43 words.

Hilton’s statement is 411 words long, and he uses I, me or my 41 times. Over 10 percent of his statement is I, me or my.

Hilton’s statement (read it here) is allegedly an apology, but he does not apologize for lying on twitter when he wrote that Will.I.Am assaulted him, he does not apologize for screaming “you’re a fucking faggot” at Will.I.Am, and he specifically does not apologize to GLAAD, who earlier this week criticized his use of offensive gay slurs. To be honest it’s not entirely clear what he is apologizing for. He does however manage to work in two compliments to himself.  He’s a class act.

“I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word…”

“I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.”

Will.I.Am takes a slightly different approach (read it here)…

“I will not continue to comment specifically on the incident that happened in Toronto last weekend… But I would hate for my silence to be misconstrued… I do not condone harassment or violence of any kind…
No one deserves physical abuse…
And no one deserves verbal abuse…
Everyone needs to be respected…”

I hope Wills incendiary language doesn’t set Perez off again.  You have to tread very lightly or he’ll scream at you.  It’s like dealing with a rabid monkey.