Willow Smith A “Cutter” Above The Rest

May 15, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

"On my wrist. I mean, you can’t even see it but there’s still a little something there. But like, totally lost my sanity for a moment there. I never talk about it because it was such a short weird... READ MORE

Willow Smith Once Watched Will Smith Plow Jada

May 11, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Celebrity offspring sex ed is definitely different or slightly the same as anyone else’s depending on which side of the tracks you grew up on. Walking in on your mom pegging your dad is something maybe some have experienced... READ MORE

Smith Family Celebrity Garage Sale

October 7, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

I wouldn’t mind owning one or two pairs of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s old panties. Not for anything pervy, but because I’m inclined towards doing everything I can in helping those afflicted by natural disasters. 


Will Smith’s Kids Need a Dwight Howard Buckling

November 19, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston| 0 Comments

Being raised by undercover Scientologists with an open marriage, a boatload of cash, and a belief that a typical upbringing will hinder the blossoming of your Xenu blessed offspring is bound to backfire mightily. In the case of Willow... READ MORE

Will Smith Is A Nice Guy And Possibly A Shitty Dad

May 22, 2014 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

While he’s being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services over the photo of 13-year old Willow Smith in bed with a shirtless 20-year old actor whose name doesn’t matter, Will Smith helped make a... READ MORE

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner Are The Face of Domestic Terrorism

May 20, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Think of Kylie Jenner, and the Will Smith dunderhead kids and this Moises Arias bratpack leader as those for whom Scientology and Instagram just ins’t providing answers to key questions such as Why Am I Here, Am I In... READ MORE

Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Everybody a Pedophile

May 9, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Maybe you thought it was weird that 13-year old Willow Smith was in an Instagram photo in bed with her 20-year old topless guy friend Moises Arias. And that’s why you’re a pedophile, according to Jada Pinkett Smith who... READ MORE

Willow Smith Is Growing Up So Fast

May 7, 2014 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Today seems like a good day to get to know a young actor who all the kids have already been slightly aware of for years. Moises Arias is a former star of Hannah Montana and a few other shows... READ MORE

Someone Needs To Remind Willow Smith That She’s 12 (VIDEO)

July 10, 2013 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Willow Smith is only 12-years old. That’s important to remember if you choose to watch the video for her new single, “Summer Fling”, as she’s being felt up by some guy who’s probably in his 20s for several minutes.... READ MORE

Charlie Sheen is suing that whore he kidnapped

November 24, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Capri Anderson is of course the porn star who no one, even other porn stars, seems to have ever heard of until the police found her locked in Charlie Sheens hotel bathroom last month. She’s been quiet about the... READ MORE


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