Demi Lovato Topless Pictures Leaked And Here's Why You Should Care

I'm pretty sure every woman has a sex tape or naked photos of themselves floating around the Internet somewhere. If my mom called and told me we had to talk, I'd slam the phone down before she could cry about a clip of her and Sam the Butcher getting jiggy on 4Chan. Demi Lovato hasn't been right since Barney made her do nasty from me to you kisses with Baby Bop in the playhouse. She inherited an eating disorder more

Wilmer Valderrama Big Boy Bodyguard Waterplay

If I was a super famous rich celebrity everybody wanted a piece of, I'd hang out with a bodyguard full time too. I'm not sure what that has to do with Wilmer Valderrama who was once on a TV show ten years ago. I think he just likes to swim with large Polynesian men. There's no shame in that. I used floaties until I was nine. Unless the graphical tattoos on his chest translate into something close to 'I fuck pretty...

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Minka Kelly might be dating Fez now

The NY Daily News says that Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderamma were seemingly together Saturday night at Beachers Madhouse in Hollywood, with a friend of his adding that the two are "getting to know each other". Which doesn't even sound ridiculous now that Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O are dating. Also Kate Upton is dating Michael Cera now, and Megan Fox is fucking Luis Guzman on the side. Probably. [gallery...

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afternoon headlines

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE - ruled the weekend box office by earning 32.5M. Notice I said "earned". You could learn a thing or two about hard work and the value of a dollar from this movie, young man. (boxofficemojo) MADONNA - was sued on Friday by her Central Park condo neighbor, because Madge "forces neighbors to endure blaring music, stomping and shaking walls … unreasonably high-decibel, amplified music as bass-y...

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Wilmer Valderrama's bodyguard was nice enough to offer some travel tips to an unidentified man outside of Area in Hollywood last night, including "Come to LA mother fucker you better respect the shit nigger" and "live and die in LA mother fucker, Hollywood don't get it twisted." Hollywood may or may not get it twisted, I don’t know, I'm not a lawyer, but I do know that "there’s no cops here to save you" as crazy fat...

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