Justin Bieber Enters Adulthood

I don't care if Justin Bieber devotes the remainder of his life to sweeping up leper skin in Calcutta, dudes who insist on being topless will never be saints, just douchebags. I'm talking to you, jogger for whom a t-shirt was adversely affecting your time around the block. Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday by doing what he did for his last five birthdays, taking selfies of himself getting wasted with chicks with big...read more

Justin Bieber Is Super Incredibly Not Gay (VIDEO)

It's not cool to call Justin Bieber gay. First off, being gay is not a slur. Or it is a slur. I can't remember the current protocol, but I know it's not right to yell out at somebody who's merely an asswipe you want to punch in the tiny nose. Secondly, could somebody who's gay skateboard like this while his new teen model girlfriend clapped? I think not. Still, people along the Venice boardwalk who got to stand...read more