The Kardashians Are Pissed About This Stupid Sex Tape Spoof (VIDEO)

March 27, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Joan Rivers enlisted Ray J’s help to make a spoof of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, because it’s not like he has anything better to do than to continue sucking the dust out of the corpse of the one thing... READ MORE

Corey Feldman Is Back With A New Hit (VIDEO)

March 25, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Corey Feldman is a musical genius according to Corey Feldman, and he’s back to prove that yet again with the music video for his latest single, “DUH.” This time, though, Corey’s Angels are more than just some girls standing... READ MORE

This Nun Is The New Susan Boyle (VIDEO)

March 21, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Everyone has been losing their shit over this performance of a nun on Italy’s version of The Voice from earlier this week, and she’s obviously going to become the next Susan Boyle, while she’s tempted by the Devil’s spoils... READ MORE

Elizabeth Dickson Ruined All The Fun (VIDEO)

March 20, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

There’s nothing worse than when somebody takes a stunt too far. Like when you agree to lay on the golf course and have a tee and ball placed in your bare ass cheeks for cash, like many women do... READ MORE

Miley Cyrus Is Awful At Karaoke, Too (VIDEO)

March 19, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

While we don’t know if Miley Cyrus and her friends were performing this obnoxious rendition of “Baby Got Back” at the very moment that her tour bus was on fire, it is pretty fun to imagine that was the... READ MORE

Dr. Drew Joked That Belle Knox’s Dad Should Kill Himself (VIDEO)

March 19, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

The Duke porn star who was outed by one of her douchebag friends was a guest on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call yesterday, during which the host and a panel of perfect so-called experts did their best to talk... READ MORE

Farrah Abraham Is Blowin’ (VIDEO)

March 19, 2014 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Farrah Abraham has just released an autotuned monstrosity called Blowin. Yes, it’s really called Blowin but she means “Blowin all the bullies away” and not in a “I’m blowin’ James Deen until I can no longer taste my own... READ MORE

The Duke Porn Star Was On The View (VIDEO)

March 18, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

The Duke porn star known as Belle Knox, whose secret career was outed by a really unimaginative frat boy at her school, appeared on The View yesterday to talk about why, among other things, she got into porn in... READ MORE

Khloe Kardashian Will End An Interview If You Stop Talking About Her (VIDEO)

March 18, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

People in Australia must love their news as boring as humanly possible, because that’s the only reason that would explain why anyone over there would give a crap about Khloe Kardashian‘s appearance on the morning show Sunrise today. The... READ MORE

Seth Rogen Called Justin Bieber ‘A Piece Of Shit’ (VIDEO)

March 14, 2014 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Seth Rogen and Dave Franco were guests on a special edition of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live at SXSW on Wednesday night, and host Andy Cohen made sure to dig up Seth’s distaste for the antics of douchebag dipshit... READ MORE