Arianny Celeste In Sexy Black Lingerie And Shit Around The Web

Arianny Celeste is a UFC octagon girl that's become a model outside the ring. It's easy to see why. Is it talent? No, it's the tits. They are fucking more

Arianny Celeste Talented

Arianny Celeste isn't just another super hot multiculturalring girlwith big tits.She's a thinker with inspiring opinion on a variety of subjects, ranging from tits to ass. "We live in a world now where it's all about the booty! I like to work out regularly, but let's face it, I'll never have a huge booty! Mines perky and I like it that way." Nobody's expecting Celeste to solve the gaps in Hyper Loop technologyor more

Ronda Rousey Questions Free Market

The UFC'sRonda Rousey thinks female UFC fighters should get paid more than the ring girls. Sounds fair enoughbut if pay was based on the effort involved the guy who shingled your roofwould be rocking a Bentley. Turns out pay works itself out as supply and demand. There are plenty of damaged ex Catholic girls willing to cock fight for the amusement of spectators or revenge on their fathers. Chicks who can walk in more

Arianny Celeste And Brittney Palmer Are After Hosts

UFC after parties are key ever since UFC responded to their shittier fight night cards by raising pay-per-view prices to Paris Hilton's weekend cocaine tab. They schedule some pretty decent match-ups, then cancel when some fighter's roid box blows or their dog chews off their flexor tendon while they're sleeping in their van behind the Luxor. That's why you need the stellar ring girls who pass the test of more

Arianny Celeste And Brittney Palmer In Bikinis

It must be nice to make the cut above Hooters waitress. Your soul smells less like fried chicken. I'd scalpel, insert, freeze, super-size, inject, and satanically murder whatever it took to reach the rung where you got bathrobes and director's chairs on breaks instead of a guy named Carlos trying to massage your sideboob. I probably wouldn't let Dana White in my shorts, but a few Tuesday nights slinging wings for more

Arianny Celeste in A Bikini

Miami used to be the place you'd go to browse markets for the freshest cocaine. Then maybe in the evening be sucker punched by one of the Canseco brothers. Now you can also see girls like Arianny Celeste in their bikinis taking a break from their jobs of being in bikinis. I've liked Arianny Celeste ever since she beat the crap out of her boyfriend in a limo. I appreciate a women who lets you know how she's going more

Arianny Celeste Poses In Bikinis

I like that we live in a world where girls can become famous simply for being attractive and holding their fantastic breasts in their own hands for photographs. It's really what separates us from the animals. We're no longer an agrarian, manual labor based society. Without the meritless promotion of superficial strength and beauty, we'd start making unattractive smart people our demigods rather than muscular more

Maxim Finally Gets It Right

Under new ownership, Maxim magazine continues its on-again off-again tradition of inviting really good looking foreign models to its Maxim Hot 100 celebration. Last year saw the Miley Cyrus incident that cost the waning periodical its nut sack in pride. They seem to have righted their ship this year by bringing out girls who have a better understanding of how to put on lipstick. These are the girls who were told more

Arianny Celeste In A Bikini

Men give up a lot for women they want to know biblically. They'll surrender their fortunes, sell out their friends, break up their families. I've heard more than one guy say he'd give up his left nuts for a night with some good looking woman. Perhaps a left nut is pretty relatively minor. My adopted dog has no nuts and he's the happiest sonuvabitch you ever met. I like to imagine he surrendered them after one more

Arianny Celeste In A Bikini

I don't know who invented the idea of great looking girls walking around rings full of blood holding up cards to help out people who can't count up to three, but, thank you. We invent so much shit that isn't necessary, like all that stuff they keep awarding Nobel prizes. Thank you for battery powered cars, on behalf of the 1/10th of one-percent of people driving them. At the same time, we completely overlook more

Arianny Celeste In A Bikini

Someday I'd like to take a girl to the beach that causes me to get into lots of fights. Just one hot girl that all the other guys are checking out and hitting on and forcing me to use my two months of jiu-jitsu training from ten years ago to take out. Maybe an Indian death lock or spinning back fist or a sucker punch to the nads or something really physically poetic to really impress the shit out of the girl. Or more

Arianny Celeste Doesn't Really Strip in Strip Trivia

Here's a word that's been badly bastardized. Stripping. I don't know about you, but if I paid good money as best man at a bachelor party to a stripper to strip in our hotel room and she got down to her bikini and stopped, I'd call the Better Business Bureau. Or whoever you call when your stripper won't get naked, let alone offer some extra services in the john to the already long married guys. Stripping means more

Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer Should Fight

UFC can't seem to put on a title fight anybody cares $60 worth about. But they do know how to find hot ass ring girls. Like Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer. These bubble headed babes hold up ring cards and get naked for Playboy which has made them celebrities. I'd pay $60 on PPV to watch these two go at it. Not brawling. All seventy-four girl fights I've seen on YouTube have sickened me. More like a topless more

Arianny Celeste never disappoints

Arianny Celeste hosted the UFC Fight Week Pool Party at The Palms leading up to UFC 148, and at least she's always great because the actual fights were incredibly disappointing. At least for me because I had Sonnen over Silva, and I attribute every Demian Maia win to blind random luck. It's impossible to take him seriously after the way Nate Marquardt knocked him out at UFC 102. I've never seen anyone punched so more

Arianny Celeste is in a bikini

UFC ring girl and model Arianny Celeste was on Miami beach yesterday, prancing around with her perfect body in a bikini, frolicking with her friends in the water, and taking group pictures of their asses. Which would be fine but my sources in North Carolina tell me Andy Griffith was found at his keyboard with a belt around his neck. So thanks a lot Arianny Celeste. You made yourself too hot and now you killed more