R. Kelly Sued by Husband of a Woman He Gave Chlamydia

The spectrum of complaints for which R. Kelly could be sued or arrested is infinite. There's not an actionable offense you could assign to Kelly that would draw shock. read more

Bella Thorne Bush Waxed

Bella Thorne segued out of a slut shaming rant to share her first bikini wax on Snapchat. It's not exactly live streaming a dump, but it's close enough. read more

Katy Perry Fans Pissed

Katy Perry is facing backlash for collaborating with rap group Migos on a new single. Not simply because she's slumming it, it turns out Migos made some slightly homophobic remarks about a rapper who came out of the closet. Nothing like you'd imagine where some guy drops... read more

Caitlyn Jenner And Mike Pence Have a Thing

Walking body part mosaic Caitlyn Jenner says she plans to meet with Mike Pence in Washington to pretend she is an activist, as she has ordered a lapel pin in the past six days. It appears Pence does not have similar plans, but he might go out of his way because Jenner... read more

Kim Kardashian: 'I Know I'm Going To Heaven' (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian still thinks we care about the time she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. If it even happened. This will be our generation's moon landing. Right up there with A-list Lyme disease cases. The former porn star and current transitioning centaur took to Ellen to... read more

Abigail Breslin Uncounted Rapes and Kim Zolciak Unlimited Fame Whoring on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #84

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we wonder how crying rape became a de facto conviction, measure Kim Zolciak's fame prostitution among the elites of the land, critically review Serena Williams love letter to her muscular zygote, remind people who Brie Larson is... read more

Johnny Depp Looking for Work (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp has made a fortune on any number of big budget movies that largely haven't fared well at the box office. He annually ranks as one of the worst cost-benefit lead actors in Hollywood. He rakes on films whether or not they are the one in five of his movies that... read more

Blood Letting at ESPN

ESPN laid off a hundred people in a story that was supposed to get everybody up in arms but it turned out everybody kind of went, meh, hockey. About half of the layoffs were on-air personalities, which meant a bad day for any number of former athletes with interchangeable... read more

Toni Garrn Topless And Shit Around The Web

Toni Garrn used that DiCaprio peen as a launching pad for greater modeling fame and fortune. In-kind payments are truly the best.Especially since Paypal won't cover transactions in the sex worker industry. read more

Melissa Benoist Is Your Super Girl

There are some fifty comic book TV shows slated for current or potential production on the small screen. Presuming each is not geared for an entirely different demographic, there's some number of people who are watching a shit ton of these caped dramas with CGI fireballs... read more

Phoebe Price, Plan D

Google quotes for the word "persistence" and you're bound to find tons of Tony Robbins type motivational slogans. It's merely another word for stubborn. That breaks down quickly into unbreakable winner and unbearable loser. read more

Heineken Ad Unites Adversaries Over Pissy Beer (VIDEO)

Heineken is following in the footsteps of Pepsi by getting political in a new ad part of the #OpenYourWorld campaign. They couldn’t afford Kendall Jenner. Instead we have outspoken Guy Ritchie movie randos with divisive political opinions. read more