There's a Rooster Teeth Channel and They Have the Tits (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

TV content used to be the purview of a small handful of powerful media conglomerates. Now anybody with a camera and a laptop can distribute programming. Wonderful news if ignoring the lessons of YouTube giving everybody a channel. Video compression and server farms didn't cause the general population to become Vince more

Snapchat Remains Vaguely Successful (VIDEO)

The lifecycle of all social media platforms is that nobody over fourteen understands them at launch, the dude who invents them makes a billion dollars and gets to fuck a supermodel, and nobody admits to themselves the entire thing is merely a new medium for more

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wanders a Dystopian Wasteland Because You Just Had to Have That Burger (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger exploited his celebrity and movie catchphrases to get himself elected governor of California then proceeded to accomplish absolutely nothing during his term of service. The Keebler elves worked more magic than Schwarzenegger who discovered environmentalism as an excuse to fly his private jet to locales anywhere but more

Carmelo Anthony's Wife's Tits Are on Blu-Ray (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

There's nothing new in being a pro athlete's wife and showing everybody your tits. Showing them because the script demands it and you're getting paid just makes you smarter than the others. Who knew that La La Anthony was topless in 50 Cent's produced show, Power? Who knew that 50 Cent produced a TV show?read more

Meatloaf Overheated (VIDEO)

The singer Meatloaf has a storied history of being super fat and nearly dying. Not many people can claim to have been hit in the head by a flying shot-put and survived. Or just been hit in the head by a more

Aubrey Plaza Pistol Shrimps (VIDEO)

Aubrey Plaza and a bunch of other female celebrities who you've never heard of so not celebrities have a women's basketball league in West Hollywood. Unlike the WNBA, it's not subsidized heavily by the male version of the sport. Like the WNBA, nobody more

Olivia Wilde's Fake Muff Still Bemuses (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Some years ago grown women started shaving and waxing their carpets to be more alluring to men who liked completely hairless women. So, men who fancied prepubescent girls. It's not entirely creepy, but you have to admit it's more Japanese businessman leaning than you'd more

Kate Upton No More Flabby Arms (VIDEO)

Kate Upton has been in hiding the past six months because she got chubbier and with her wedding and associated press coming up she didn't want to be seen until she kicked the Walmart shopping grandma arms. He trainer Bruno has issued a mini-treatise to People Magazine about Kate's massive dedication to physical fitness and more

Sarah Silverman Bush Reeks of Forgotten Youth (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

There never seems to be any tits in the movies I see anymore. Hollywood has put the nix on all things nipples since they decided that all movie theaters should be placed in between Gymboree and Kohl's at the mall. They just threw in more visceral carnage and vaguely sinister Russian Arab dudes and people hardly noticed the tits went more

Kate Hudson Knows Parenting (VIDEO)

Here's a good way to fuck up a boy. Divorce his dad, make another son with another full-time touring musician, ditch that guy too, and raise your son as a single mom sharing his private moments on Chelsea Handler's insufferable new Netflix show. Meth addiction would be less more

Johnny Manziel Seems Playful (VIDEO)

Friends of Johnny Manziel became concerned when the former NFL quarterback didn't arrive in The Hamptons to host a scheduled party. Especially concerned as to who was going to put down their credit card to get the party started in the drunk dipshit's absence. These are the kinds of friends you quickly accumulate as a free spending more

Courtney Stodden Pregnant Bikini Dance (VIDEO)

Pregnancy is turning into something very good for Courtney Stodden. She had been artistically blocked of late. You could see it in her tits. No more

Britney Spears in A Bikini (VIDEO)

Britney Spears appeal lies in her Stockholm Syndrome distant stare. Even in her staged backyard bikini videos she looks like she's performing in a female progressive ISIS hostage video with a guy in a head rag stage right holding a sickle. It wouldn't take much to convince her to take grenades into a U.S. mint to strike a blow against the imperialism of the U.S. more

Gay Men's Chorus Dicked Over (VIDEO)

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus got fucked over at the Padres game over the weekend when the dude in the booth played a pre-recorded National Anthem over the Chorus assembled on the outfield grass to sing their hearts out. The Chorus leader implied that the slight was not only intentional, but that playing the canned female version of the Anthem was an obvious insult to their Gay Men's Chorus more

Emilia Clarke Got Naked Again (VIDEO)

Emilia Clarke made some big to-do about how she was giving up nude scenes because has never once asked a man what he prefers. Respectability is in the eye of the beholder. Who's ever been rude to a good looking naked woman?read more