Man, Cable TV Is Getting Good and Raunchy (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Premium cable television has become everything you'd hoped it could become if you were frustrated trying to beat off to the first fifty years of television. read more

Barbados Needs a Better Tourism Board (VIDEO)

Barbados is celebrating its 50th year of Independence from British colonial rule. That's the day they finally told the English to leave, then promptly created four-color travel brochures reminding them how much they secretly liked fucking black chicks. read more

Jennifer Aniston Vaguely Champions Something That Might Be Women's Rights

Jennifer Aniston went on Ellen to remind everybody that she has yet another shitty looking movie coming out for Christmas. It's a low ball comedy with lots of groin jokes. She's being paid millions. She also spent most of the interview playing Never Have I Ever about... read more

Barron Trump Retraction Video Scarier Than The First (VIDEO)

By way of disclosure, I exchanged messages with the kid who made the original "Barron Trump seems autistic" video. He's not merely a kid, he's a kid with autism himself. He panicked when Rosie O'Donnell vaulted his little anti-bullying message into a big to-do. Especially... read more

Moroccan TV Seems Particularly Practical (VIDEO)

Moroccan TV seems far more practical than its American counterpart. The TV show Shabiyat aired a segment on their daytime talk show providing makeup advice to women who've been victims of domestic abuse. So like Oprah, minus the sixty minute dive into domestic abuse... read more

Amber Heard Comes Out Against Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

Somewhere in her seven million dollar settlement is a clause clearly stating Amber Heard can never publicly state Johnny Depp beat her. Whether he did or he didn't, she clearly made that suggestion in the press and to the judge prior to and during her divorce settlement.... read more

Iskra Lawrence Underwear Sermons on the Subway (VIDEO)

Iskra Lawrence, the less atIskra Lawrence, the less attractive British version of Ashley Graham, hit the New York City subway to explain to random people trudging to and from real jobs how far she's come in her own body acceptance. read more

Black Friday Death Count Stands at Zero... For Now (VIDEO)

Nothing culls the herd quite like good Christians trampling the shit out of each other to get thirty dollars off a Playstation. read more

More Melania Hate, It Must Be Her Amazing Tits (VIDEO)

Hollywood is beyond pissed that Hillary Clinton is not coronating into the White House in January. It's deep and furious and building up pressure like a toilet jammed with the used tampons of glass ceiling victims. read more

It's Easy to Forget All The Tits on Premium Cable (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Because the rise of gender equality has meant, above all else, a massive scrubbing of all hetero naked chicks in mainstream media, the premium cable outlets continue to make a killing by doubling down on bare titty. For every cause there is an effect. read more

Dr. Phil Might Be Exploiting Mentally Disturbed Guests (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil is teasing his big get of super fucking crazy Shelly Duvall. She was at one time a fairly big named actress. That time was thirty plus years ago. Now she's a mentally ill senior citizen who Dr. Phil's producers arranged to have on the show so she could say wacky... read more

Iggy Azalea Claims Top Vagina

Every few months Iggy Azalea comes out and admits another part on her body isn't entirely natural. That's no way to win back your reputation. Or the men who imagined fucking you from behind while watching the ballgame and asking you to wait to speak until commercial. read more