Narcos Is How Tits on TV Should Be (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, be as family friendly phony as you like. All of their original shows feature similar naked chicks with big tits. That's smart money. read more

The Birth in a Creek Movie Is the New Rick Rolled (VIDEO)

Some crunchy Australian chick who doesn't understand that having tons of children is bad for the planet even if you birth them organically in rain forests, filmed herself dropping her latest newborn in a creek in the Daintree Rainforest. read more

Amy Robach Drops 'Colored People' on Live TV (VIDEO)

Amy Robach is a breast cancer survivor. Her only carte blanche limit is politically incorrect nomenclature missteps. The Good Morning America anchor was discussing with a guest how the role of Mary Jane in the next Spider Man is being cast with black pop singer and former... read more

Bella Thorne Is Tit Genius (VIDEO)

There's no particular reason to conduct dance rehearsals with bare tits and a sleeveless tee. That's why you're not triple booked into seven figure gigs through 2019. read more

Demi Lovato and Mom Mocking the Zika

There's nothing funny about Zika. If you exclude the tiny shrunken baby heads and the fact that the British government is warning Englishmen not to let prostitutes in Florida suck their cocks this summer due to possibilities of oral transmission. read more

Serena Williams Murders The Twerk (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus popularized Twerking and there it should've died. Maxim went fatal toilet bowl circle and named that marmoset faced midget the hottest woman in the universe. Twerking became a worldwide meme. read more

Amber Heard Zero Pride (VIDEO)

Amber Heard freaked out in an office building and refused to be deposed when her lawyers explained to her that there are consequences for lying under oath. read more

Ron Howard's Daughter's Tits (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Ron Howard is re-producing Splash but with a male mermaid. Channing Tatum. So a beady-eyed marmoset looking male mermaid. If you use the term merman you might as well just take your own life now. read more

Lindsay Lohan Seems To Be Patching Things Up (VIDEO)

Things seem to be going much smoother now for Lindsay Lohan and her younger Russian boyfriend since they worked thing out by Lindsay accusing him of fucking Russian prostitutes and shrieking on her balcony in London. read more

Danny McBride Staring at HBO Tits (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

As far as Danny McBride plays the same funny blowhard loser comedies go, Vice Principals is no Eastbound and Down. But every show running on premium cable knows it needs to slip in some naked women no later than episode three of the first season. It's a handshake to the... read more

James Harrison Ain't Raising No Wussies, Part Two (VIDEO)

James Harrison is one of those old school ballers who would be more admirable if he wasn't such a huge dick. Harrison was known for being a hitman at the linebacker position. A warrior who put his own health and the health of his opponents on the line every game. That's... read more

The Disturbing Allen Family Gaining Traction

Because we no longer live in a world where freaky people are caged and forced to perform geek shows for drunk fat guys who wandered into the unmarked tent at the County Fair, families like The Allens preaching all natural child rearing in England are given serious... read more