Britney Spears Sweaty (VIDEO)

Many people noted that Britney Spear's performance at the iHeart Music Festival reminded them of the bygone days Britney Spears. She even wore the old school headset microphone to pretend she was singing words against the completely pre-recorded tracks. It's like watching... read more

Hermione Needs New Metaphors (VIDEO)

To her credit, Emma Watson has dug deeper than most celebrities in the role of UN Goodwill Ambassador for something contrived by men who keep the New York brothels humming. Watson's HeforShe campaigns have changed the lives of many millions of people once they're reminded... read more

Snapchat Spectacles Will ID Those Who Deserve to Be Punched the Most (VIDEO)

Snapchat is no longer Snapchat. It's now Snap, Inc. Under Snap Inc., thousands of barely legal girls will still be sharing photos of their tits. Phew. read more

Gigi Hadid Handled (VIDEO)

It's all shits and giggles when discussing the ridiculous lives and mentalities of young celebrity models. But you can't touch. That's where the First Amendment ends. Or whatever they call it in Italy. Probably something that sounds profound but has little support among... read more

Sasha Grey On The Cutting Edge (VIDEO)

Sasha Grey has been busy since retiring from porn reportedly due to a massive case of anal warts. That could just be a rumor, but it would also be the kind that makes sense. Grey had cornered the market on pseudo-intellectual feminist activism which she quickly spun into... read more

Cory Feldman Butt Hurt (VIDEO)

Cory Feldman is well on his way to becoming the next Charlie Sheen. Yes, including the AIDS. He has a sex harem of weird whores and is clearly having a very public mental breakdown read more

The Game Announces Which Kardashians He Fucked

If you had Bruce Jenner in the cum pool of Kardashians the rapper The Game claims to have fucked, you lost. I just tore up my brackets. The Game recently sent people who didn't know The Kardashians were a huge whoring family into a tizzy when he rapped on a DJ Khaled... read more

Kendall Jenner Pisses Off the Ballerinas

Among the many categories of tiny people you don't want to mess with, ballerinas. Broken women with broken feet and mentally disturbed mothers. They take their craft and the price they paid to achieve standing effortlessly on their fractured toes rather seriously. read more

Kristen Bell, Gender Equity Thought Leader (VIDEO)

In between intermittently crying and applauding Dax Shepard's restraint from ingesting cocaine and whiskey, Kristen Bell works herself into a fevered pitch over simplistic gender equity memes that lack statistical substantiation. read more

ABC Reenacts That Moment Nothing Happened to Ryan Lochte (VIDEO)

ABC hit the jackpot with Dancing with the Stars where they get to pay next to nothing in Hollywood terms for D-list celebrities to bedazzle their bodies and foxtrot with heavily made-up midgets who were not attractive enough to be models. read more

Hillary Clinton Faints For You (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton doesn't look so good. Her partisan faithful are spinning her latest bit of fainting to the ground as the sign of her devotion, but it's unclear who's buying except for her partisan faithful. They also believe she swims, does yoga, and lifts weights as... read more

Kate Beckinsale In Granny Panties Is Better Than Your Granny In Kate Beckinsale's Panties (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Sometimes you look at women in Hollywood and think, how badly will I get arrested if I'm looking at topless photos of you from 23 years ago? That's a trick of the trade. They're older than you think. read more