Trick Daddy Wants Black Ho's To Tighten Up (VIDEO)

Obama came in with tremendous fanfare as the first black President but what did he really accomplish for his own disadvantaged minority group after eight years in office? Even black leaders and media figures of late have been looking back on the Obama years and lamenting... read more

Courtney Stodden Needs Ideas (VIDEO)

There's no such thing as bad publicity is not necessarily the complete code by which you want to live. It's more of a once in a while exception. Like liquor before beer. Something to remember when out for a big night. Not necessarily a daily breakfast admonition. read more

Paula Jones Again (VIDEO)

Trotting Paula Jones out for another recounting of a Bill Clinton Governor pants dropping is a sure sign this election is just about over. Hillary Clinton may be the most insidious Corleone fatty sister and her fake husband may be more rapey than all the faked Rolling... read more

Subway Jared's Ex Wants a Taste (VIDEO)

Jared Fogle's second ex-wife is suing Subway because she claims the fast food franchise knew all along her husband was a creepy sex offender but kept it from both Americans who love shitty cheap food and herself. read more

Amy Schumer Called To Task for Plantation Yucks (VIDEO)

Eventually, the politically correct eat their own. It's the Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory of self-righteous consumption. If the process happened with any expediency, the snowflakes would melt faster than they're falling. It's not. The drifts are growing. read more

Madonna Offers to Swallow Hillary Voters (VIDEO)

The amount of irony involved in Madonna stepping up to the microphone at an Amy Schumer comedy concert and offering blow jobs to audience members in exchange for voting for Hillary Clinton is difficult to count. But let's start with the first three. read more

Joanna Krupa in A Bikini (VIDEO)

Most problems in life can be solved simply by being beautiful and having stellar tits. Joanna Krupa's reputation suffered dearly with past accusations of hooking and having a pussy that smells like StarKist left out for the tabby. The lesser woman might be felled by such... read more

Jobs That Suck: Mexican Judge (VIDEO)

If this election cycle proves anything, it's that the robots don't have a big hill to climb to take over. All those dystopian universe novels where plucky rebels fight the Matrix are based on a premise of highly-involved, independent thinkers. How many of those do you see... read more

This One's on You, Dumbass Amy Schumer Concert Goers (VIDEO)

During her performance in Tampa over the weekend, Amy Schumer announced that her raunchy sex jokes were going to stop for five minutes to save the world with political rants. You don't necessarily see the political segue coming from a girl stringing along cum jokes. read more

Thandie Newton Tits, They're Still Hanging Around (Mr. Skin Minute VIDEO)

If you're still getting paid to show off your tits on camera at forty-three, consider yourself blessed. That's Clemens and Bonds era longevity. A bygone fantasy cocktail. read more

Joy Behar Apologizes (VIDEO)

It's unclear who first agreed that perfunctory and compulsory apologies between adversaries would serve as valid recompense. Apologies are Hallmark cards between loved ones to explain that you were just an asshole that one evening and meant nothing by it. I'm sorry I... read more

Pretty Older Women In Hollywood Refusing to Wear Makeup

Nothing smells of oppression worse than retaining a full-time makeup artist to make you look all dolled up, then complaining about being made to look like a doll. read more