Gay Men's Chorus Dicked Over (VIDEO)

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus got fucked over at the Padres game over the weekend when the dude in the booth played a pre-recorded National Anthem over the Chorus assembled on the outfield grass to sing their hearts out. The Chorus leader implied that the slight was not only intentional, but that playing the canned female version of the Anthem was an obvious insult to their Gay Men's Chorus more

Emilia Clarke Got Naked Again (VIDEO)

Emilia Clarke made some big to-do about how she was giving up nude scenes because has never once asked a man what he prefers. Respectability is in the eye of the beholder. Who's ever been rude to a good looking naked woman?read more

Porn Slipping Away (VIDEO)

Pornhub is launching a program called BangFit, where you earn points and an unclogged aorta by plugging your lady in different high-energy butt slapping positions. Because the bulk of online porn visitors clearly have girlfriends they can regularly jackrabbit for parlor game virtual more

Jessica Alba Gets Sued A Ton (VIDEO)

Jessica Alba's environmentally friendly organic products company is being sued, again. It's unclear if her Honest Company is the subject of so much legal attention because of Alba's celebrity status, or because they refer to themselves as The Honest Company while producing their all-natural products in a recalled hover board battery disposal plant in more

Chyna's Final Days Seemed Particularly Unhappy (VIDEO)

Former WWE wrestler Chyna spent the last decade of her life on that spiral toward early substance abuse death. This wasn't Prince singing Little Red Corvette to throngs of thousands right up to his Percocet demise. This was the long, slow, depressing bankruptcy of drugs and alcohol and mental illness. Naturally, some fucker filmed more

Amanda Peet Reluctant Dunham Feminist (VIDEO)

Amanda Peet joined the cackling hens of The View to discuss her essay on Lena Dunham's feminist blog regarding her decision to never undergo knife or needle to maintain her looks. Through their cakes of makeup and Botox injected maws, The View co-hostesses pretended to give a shit what this naturally attractive 44-year old bitch was prattling on about while blindly texting their surgeons for more deep demolition more

Anti-Tranny Mom Storms Target (VIDEO)

Target is the new American public square, meaning it smells like Diabetes foot stumps and Mexicans are paid minimum wage to clean it. One indignant fat woman stormed into Target protesting the corporate edict to allow men identifying as women to use the little girls room to powder their more

Eliza Dushku Ass First in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Turning thirty-five isn't the best time to decide you don't want the camera revealing your tits. You get that kind of leverage when you're twenty and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a lock for syndication windfall. This is the kind of shit you think about when you get into the bowels of Mr. Skin. It's not rocket science, but it makes for more pleasant conversation than where cock and balls can more

Cyndi Lauper Still Fighting (VIDEO)

Cyndi Lauper can't quit supporting trending social causes with tribute songs. Lauper reworked her Girls Just Want to Have Fun hit to Girls Just Want To Have Funds, in support of gender pay equality. Lauper comes from a pop music industry where women dominate the ranks of the top paid. She's made herself a cool thirty million off of two hit songs in the 80's. But nobody wants to hear you riff on back taxes on more

Kesha Dials Up a Rape Song (VIDEO)

Kesha tore up the Animal Rescue Gala over the weekend with an impassioned rape song. The Huffington Post declared Kesha's cover of the Lady Gaga campus sexual assault ditty, Till It Happens to You, so moving she surely she must've been raped by Dr. more

Jennifer Lopez Ain't Your Mama (VIDEO)

Women's rights sells. Sex also. You really have merge the two to ride the commercial wave. People who breathlessly await shitty packaged pop music videos collectively gasped in their Twitter feeds to the stunning yet supremely tired visuals in Lopez' Ain't Your Mama release. If gender equality means legitimizing lazy street slang, you have to feel a slight tug to start marching behind more

Susan Sarandon and Her Daughter Have Both Been Topless On the TV, Mr. Skin has Proof (VIDEO)

Somebody has to investigate the important shit. You spend your time figuring out the difference between Trump and Clinton on trade. The real minds are working on which mother and daughter tandem in Hollywood have the best set of tits. I don't care what kind of animus you might against one person or another, when you discover they have class-A lady breasts, you file those personal grievances away next to the fact more

Ashley Greene Is Topless Without Attorneys (VIDEO)

I can't remember how many years ago it was that Ashley Green's nude pictures went flying around the net. That might be the time the FBI got involved. There weren't Islamic terrorists driving around the U.S. in minivans so much then. Agents were bored. Who wouldn't volunteer for the Ashley Greene stolen tit pics case. Not everybody's Elliott more

Bruce Jenner Dons Wig To Pee In Trump Tower (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner has shown he will go to great lengths to prove his point. Like how you can't be gay if you're sucking a dick while identifying as a woman. Also that he's a legit tranny activist and not just a rich poser playing dress more

Coco Porn Props Her Baby (VIDEO)

If Coco hadn't been able to conceive a child forher best sex shoot prop ever, she would've had to purchase one in an Albanian bazaar. This fucking baby is the best thing that ever happened to thekumquat shapedmodel. Coco's photo and video work over the last four months consists of her with a string up her ass making kissy faces to her baby she named Chanel. Featuring your infant in your soft core porn work is more