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Samantha Hoopes Ass Cheeks in Winter

Now that all the nonsense about plus sized, old and non-white people being important to SI Swimsuit has been dispensed, the publication can get down to the business of inviting tall hot blond women dressed like Sami prostitutes to publicity events. Fat Baby, get in the corner. You had your turn on the dance floor. The novelty act is over. Hot girls to the front. It's time for Time Inc. to finally get into the more

Tubes Glorious Tubes And Shit Around The Web

Samantha Hoopes is one of those vaguely counted in the Census SI Swimsuit models with a heaving bosom that you feel like you ought to know better. Check back in in a couple decades after kids and the first divorce. You'll be supervisor of more than one Arby's by then and you stand a good shot. Samantha Hoopes grabs her tits just to be decent(Last Men On Earth) Valentina Georgie Pegorer's ass is one for the more

Samantha Hoopes Sells Magic Mike XXL

Going to see Magic Mike doesn't make you gay. Going to see Magic Mike and insisting it'll make your girlfriend happy and you'll get laid, that's gay. The confident heterosexual male never insists. The Marlboro man never had to declare that he liked to end his ride on the range with a smoke and some pussy. Ask David Spade if he's banged over two hundred models and he'll laugh and call it a rumor. Then he'll smell more

Samantha Hoopes Wins Entourage Premiere

It's hard to believe they're still making movies showcasing hot girls in a digital age when you can click to Egotastic and see the same actresses naked. The soundtrack will be hot too. You can get all that on Spotify in eleven seconds. Entourage came up in in 2004 before broadband was wide and we used to watch jpegs load from the top down on CRT monitors. That was no way to jerk off. We were like animals. It's more

Samantha Hoopes Is Very Good At Modeling Lingerie (VIDEO)

Samantha Hoopes was one of the new faces from this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and there is very little doubt that this woman is going to be a star. She recently teamed up with Love Haus Lingerie for a special photo shoot, and she is really quite talented at posing in sexy underwear and looking at a camera. If there was a prize for such accomplishments, I'd strongly recommend that Samantha receive it, more

Samantha Hoopes Models Lingerie For SS 2014 Guess

Photo Credit: Guessread more

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