Mary-Kate Olsen is a dark immortal

No one seems to be interacting with her, so does anyone else see Mary-Kate Olsen in these pictures at the Met gala last night? Are they blank to everyone but me? Am I supposed to go there and try to help her with something, does she need closure, was there some kind of... read more

Kristen Stewart really went all out

My plan was to make a .gif of Kristen Stewart at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts annual ball in New York last night, to show the way she looks and moves in real life, to capture the sparkle in her eyes and the radiant glow in her complexion. And so I did. That's it up... read more

Beyonce wore this "sexy" see-thru dress

Beyonce wore this see-thru dress to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual ball in New York last night, though it was actually just a normal black dress until she put it on and then her ass stretched the material too thin. (image source of beyonce at the met gala bala... read more

Kirsten Dunst is an unsurpassed beauty

Remember a few years ago, around when they made the first 'Spiderman' movie, when Hollywood kept forcing Kirsten Dunst on us and trying to convince us she was sexy? What the fuck was that all about? (image source of snaggletooth at the met gala last night in new york =... read more