Joe Paterno doesnt give a f**k

At about 7:00pm tonight, Joe Paterno stepped out of his house and addressed some fans who had assembled to show their support. And when you're done listening to them chant "Let Joe Stay!", and after you hear Joe ask for a prayer for the kids who got raped because "it's a tough life when people do certain things to you, but anyway...", read this from page 7 of the Grand Jury report... "Joseph V. Paterno testified more

Joe Paterno is out at Penn State

Joe Paterno has been the head football coach at Penn State for 46 years, since 1966, and is the only coach in FBS history with over 400 wins (he has 409), but now the New York Times is now reporting that the Penn State board of trustees is forcing him out within "weeks or days" due to his involvement with the Jerry Sandusky scandal. As well he should be. Actually I don't even get what the delay is. He more

this seems inapropiate

If you haven't been following the Jerry Sandusky story that broke this weekend, you might be missing the biggest (and by that I mean "most disgusting") scandal to ever hit college football. Sandusky was an assistant coach with Penn State under the legendary Joe Paterno for 30 years, and defensive coordinator from 1977 until he retired in 1999. No one was better at finding ways to penetrate the gap and pound more