The National Enquirer is reporting now that Mandy Moores mom has left her dad and moved in with her lesbian lover, a tennis pro named Claudette Laliberte, whom she has secretly dated since 2006.
According to the Enquirer, Stacy Moore left Mandy's father for tennis professional Claudette Laliberte ... The two women have reportedly set up home together.The tabloid claims the affair surfaced last year (07) after Laliberte's lover discovered emails between the two women.When quizzed about her relationship with Laliberte, Stacy Moore told the Enquirer, "It's nobody's business why we're together."

When Lifetime makes a movie about this, I hope they call it "Game, Set, Love" or "Love Match" or something like that. I get the feeling I won't be disappointed.  And then the ad needs to say, "Stacy Moores life was always set to music, but now has she scored too many points in the game of love?"  It will be right after the movie where a sassy rookie reporter won't take no for an answer and uncovers a conspriacy that goes all the way to the top. "The biggest story of her career, may be her last."

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