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Star magazine is awesome, and according to them, the picture above is George Clooneys new girlfriend Sarah Larson.  Sarah was a cocktail waitress at the Palms in Vegas when they met, but apparently on the side she stuck her ass in the air and licked magazines.  Yaay!

"Sarah is outgoing and fun and loves to drink. She likes to get wasted when she goes out — but hey, that's what Vegas is all about!"In one risqué set of photos taken in July 2007 — one month after she first met George, 46, at the Palms resort — Sarah, 29, is wearing a short dress and has her legs wrapped around a man holding her up against a wall in the middle of a crowded Vegas nightclub (see that picture here).The next day, Sarah — who appears to be drunk — is pictured wearing a bikini at a huge, outdoor pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, kneeling on all fours with her backside in the air as she licks the cover of a magazine lying on the ground. She's also shown rolling around on the floor as she wrestles a bikini-clad blonde!"That's our Sarah!" says the source. "She's not shy in the slightest."

I like that she's licking a girl on that magazine cover.  But then, I'm open to watching hot naked girls make out.  Probably because I'm so fancy and sophisticated.

SEXY UPDATE – new picture here, thanks to the handsome and mysterious Ahmad, who is smart enough to know beer cans work better right side up.  Unlike Sarah (in the glasses).  

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