Did This SXSW Dick Get What He Deserved? (VIDEO)

By Travis March 19, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Over the weekend, the above video of a drunk asshole picking fights at SXSW started making its rounds, becoming one of the big viral video hits of 2013 so far. The main reason for its success, aside from the obvious joy we all take in watching someone get knocked the fuck out, has been that people love to argue about whether or not he deserved to be sucker punched by a guy that he wasn’t even starting shit with.

As you can see, this guy was being a dick to at least two people in a rather large crowd, and why he chose to start bitch-punching (or maybe dance-punching?) them is a mystery. Regardless, he’s clearly the aggressor in this situation, so he definitely deserved to be knocked out. Did he deserve to be sucker-punched, though? And is the guy who hit him a hero or a pussy?

I say it’s warranted, especially for punching the guy in the black shirt right in the nose, as he was crying for him to stop. No pride is won in hitting an easy target. I stopped feeling bad for black shirt, though, when he kicked camo shorts while he was unconscious. I guess it’s just a judgment call, as far as who is right and who is wrong, but I’m sure the guy in the camo shorts learned his lesson and definitely didn’t go out the next night and try to pick a fight all over again.

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    newyorkmatt 03/19/2013 09:24

    I don’t know if deserved is the right word, nor was the guy who knocked him out a hero or a pussy. It’s more of a ‘you play with fire; you get burned’ situation. It’s just reality. It’s nature. What happened makes sense and I think it went down perfectly.

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    Craig328 03/19/2013 10:41

    Yeah, I’m sorry…if you’re acting like a dick then it ought not to come as any surprise whatsoever when someone else acts like a dick to you. And by “acts like a dick to you” I mean “gets sick of your grandstanding shit and takes you out like yesterday’s trash”.

    Dude totally got what he deserved. People ought not to have to tolerate assholes like that…and lo and behold, someone didn’t.

    I DID like that Throwy McHanderson grunted out “BOOM!” as he hit him. I felt it really added to the moment…what with the Batman and Robin sound effect like that and all.

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    qwerty71 03/19/2013 14:13

    No hero there, but the guy who punched the drunk ended something that was getting out of hand.

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    tysn 03/19/2013 18:13

    It could have been just as easily been ended without the cowardly move by a punk who lives for cheap shots. Too many cowards today learned how to hit a guy from behind from the ufc. You have take a bully down straight up or they will just chalk it up a as lucky shot and continue being a bully.

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