Japan Cracks Down On Fatty Prostitute Delivery Service

July 24, 2013 | WTF | editor | 0 Comments

Police in Tokyo have shut down a service that delivered morbidly obese prostitutes for the purposes of chubby love. Basically, you’d call up a dude that called himself Max Body, (it’s no Carlos Danger, but still), and they would deliver a large lady right to your door. Their specialty was women weighing in at around 330 pounds. In Japan penetrative sex for money is illegal but footjobs, handjobs, boobrubs, and fat fold fucking is more or less OK. That’s what’s strange about the fact that the cops shut it down as there was little indication that these porkers were violating the law. Chubby chasing is where the Japanese decided to draw the line, I guess?

They are fine with the mountains of porn of women having sex with octopi or the videos of school girls getting shit on by old ladies. I kind of think they have a skewed sense of perversion. These people invented bukkake in which 20+ men cum on a girl’s face but if a dude wants to titty fuck a BBW type 2 diabetic he’s just too weird. This is a place that has soiled panty vending machines but a man can’t bury his face in the odoriferous folds of a chubber’s undercarriage? I guess we’ll just call this the East/West perv divide.