Ivy League Frat Throws “Bloods And Crips” Party

By Michael August 15, 2013 @ 3:21 PM

A bunch of privileged frat assholes threw a huge “Bloods and Crips” party at Dartmouth last weekend. The Alpha Delta chapter, and their date rape sorority sisters at Delta Delta Delta, thought it would be hilarious to dress up like the vicious street gangs to drink beer and partay, whoooo! The rich brats dressed in blue and red and dropped more N-bombs than a wigger at a Drake concert. The Bloods and Crips are the most notorious gangs to come out of the ghettos of LA. They’ve turned hundreds of neighborhoods across the U.S. into war zones. It would be hard to estimate the number of lives the gangs have destroyed through murder, terror, and drugs. Yeah, brothers of Alpha Delt, real fucking hilarious theme for your kegger.

I have an idea of what would have made that party totally Ivy epic — invite actual Bloods and Crips to the blow-out. Now THAT would have been a sight to see. Chip would have been shanked by the Heineken tap while Priscilla was gangbanged in the trophy room. It might actually have been a good thing. The Bloods and Crips could have put aside their differences for one night to beat the living dogshit out of a bunch of asshole kids. Give peace a chance.

(Picture Via Wikimedia Commons)

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    SirBeef 08/15/2013 15:40

    Jesus H this site sucks. It went from boobs and crapping on mindless celebs to some unholy cocktail of Midtown Manhattan Huffpo Liberal social commentary meets People magazine. WTF.

    Seriously, go write for Slate. you suck at this.

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 08/15/2013 15:56

    I agree completely SirBeef. If a frat wants to have a gang party, then go for it, who gives a crap if they offend the gangbangers.

    How is this story related to raking celebs over the coals again?

    Go die in a fire Jack.

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    AppleCandy 08/15/2013 16:16

    It’s not the gangbangers that should be offended; It’s the millions of people whose lives have been changed in horrific ways because of those gangbangers.
    If you want to see celebrity snark so badly, go read Perez Hilton and stop giving Jack a hard time.
    Thanks for bringing these kind of stories to light, Jack. Some of us do appreciate it.

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    yousuck 08/15/2013 16:31

    anyone defending this blog is an a-hole. This is a celeb gossip blog that specializes in showing half naked women. There is a link to “Bikini’s” at the top of the page.

    If you are reading this blog to find out what social injustices are happening in the world you are a jackass who is incapable of being fixed.

    PS no one cares about gang related murders, see the attention paid to the massive amount of murders on Chicago’s Southside vs the attention paid to the Trayvon Martin murder.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 08/15/2013 16:39

    Wow Jack, do you think you could sound any more like a prissy little bitch?

    Oh wait, I just read AppleCandy’s post…..evidently you can.

    Both of you go phuck yourselves. The minute millionaire black rappers stop using gang violence as a way to finance their lifestyles, I’ll start worrying about frat parties. What a couple of useless douches….

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    Beylerbey 08/15/2013 16:57

    Just to summarize, Lex writes the pedo-articles and Jack’s fetish is to jack to black-on-white rape fantasies.

    Instead of wishing more black violence onto whites you don’t like, maybe you guys could take your pathos to its logical conclusion and kill yourselves.

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    matt_donny 08/15/2013 18:00

    Ragging on rich white kids and implying they’re racist, that’s real edgy stuff. Nothing in this article was remotely funny or interesting

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    ToddAndrew 08/15/2013 20:13

    This site is like if Rachel Maddow got her face out of muff long enough to write a blog. It’s the occasional chick with hairy vag, left winged Lillith fair politics. Unsubscribe. Forever. Perez Hilton has a better site than this. Seriously. I’m not joking. That fat pillow biter is better at this than you.

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    Shortshanks 08/15/2013 21:00

    It’s not date-rape if the don’t say “no”…..or don’t wake up….

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    Shortshanks 08/15/2013 21:01


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    deliminator 08/15/2013 21:35

    People in the comments are such whiners on this site. Wah wah wah It’s not the same as it was before why aren’t you more like Brendan.

    Wah wah wah you’re trying too hard to be like Brendan and you suck at it.

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    Ted'sCelebrityNewsEmporium 08/15/2013 21:46

    I prefer Brendon’s three post a week to this shit.

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    bobbytailgate 08/15/2013 22:26

    The story itself is not the problem here, it’s the over the top fake outrage. Knock it off. Nobody comes here to read some writer pretend to be outraged because a few college kids did something you deem racially insensitive. Jackasses…

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    Shastar 08/15/2013 22:45

    Funny how it’s the same people posting over and over again about how the site sucks now, but they keep coming back for more stuff they hate just so they can rage on it instead of doing like a normal, sensible person would do and stop reading, remove it from their bookmarks, and move on with their lives.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the mind of the idiot internet troll.

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    RubstheLotion 08/16/2013 10:05

    Shastar, the comments pointing out the shitty writing and the bizarre infatuation with Farrah Abraham (and other really ugly women) are aimed at bringing attention to the sub par quality of the site in comparison with the former writer, who was not only funny, but had decent taste in women, and posted pics appropriately. People grew accustomed to the quality, and are displeased with the current product. Jack and Lex suck, but especially Jack. Meh. Really bad. And every time I do drop in to view this site, which is not nearly as often as before, it continues to suck. Hence the comment. So there. Also, piss off.

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 08/16/2013 11:34

    Pay no attention to Shastar, he is one of two things:

    1) A dim bulb content with a site that has lost roughly 84% of it’s appeal.

    2) An unemployed blogger hoping to get a job posting drivel at WWTDD.

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    deliminator 08/16/2013 12:00


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    Shastar 08/16/2013 19:36

    Ahh yes, I suggest a rational course of action, and the trolls come back with, “Haha! He’s just an unemployed loser and I have a responsibility to point out how shitty the site is!” (Paraphrased, of course.) 2 points: One, I have a quite well paying job (Not like you’re going to believe that) and have no intention of writing for the site, and Two, No you don’t. You see, when I dislike a website, I stop going to it. Simple as that. That would remove all meaning from your miserable troll lives, though, wouldn’t it? You can’t simply vote with your wallet/bandwidth and walk away, can you? you just have to sit around, badmouth the new guys and pine away for your hero that may or may not ever come back. What wonderful lives you must live.

    Enjoy your trolling, you effect me and this website in no way at all.

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    Abe Froman 08/17/2013 13:31

    Shaster, I just would like you to explain how this is a story of substance at all.

    Fraternities across the country throw thug-themed parties every year. Literally I don’t know if you could find one college with a solid greek scene that doesn’t. But all of a sudden since its a certain two gangs, its really offensive? You are really gonna tell me these kids are a bunch of ass holes for putting on a theme party? Quit being such a pussy.

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