This Nun Is The New Susan Boyle (VIDEO)

By Travis March 21, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Everyone has been losing their shit over this performance of a nun on Italy’s version of The Voice from earlier this week, and she’s obviously going to become the next Susan Boyle, while she’s tempted by the Devil’s spoils with a life as a star. Here’s the thing, though – if you take this girl’s nun gear off and fix those teeth, she’d probably be pretty hot, like one of the ladies in the nun porn that I watch. But people are still so easily surprised and shocked, like it’s so far-fetched and abnormal that a girl who also happens to be a nun can sing. First it was the fat, old lady, today it’s a young Italian nun, and tomorrow it’s probably going to be a topless woman plucked right out of Darfur. Sure she’s starving, but you have to hear her sing “Roar”!

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    miche the killer 03/21/2014 22:51

    It gets to a point where they just have to turn around b/c eveyone gave a standing ovation for no reason. You know the judges are just DYING for that moment it’s a Siamese Twin doing a duet.

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