Some Love And Hip Hop Guy Was Kicked Off A Plane (VIDEO)

By Travis May 28, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

Forgive me for not being plugged into whatever Love and Hip Hop is or knowing who some guy named Benzino is, but fans of the show and the star will be pleased to know that he was kicked off his plane on Sunday for acting like an asshole. According to TMZ, the flight attendant simply asked Benzino about the seat he was in, when the guy blew up and started shouting, “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you” and more at everyone in his path. And right before he exited the plane, Benzino threw a good, “You’re a fucking racist” in there for good measure, because that’s really the best way to buy public sympathy and make sure everyone is on your side.

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    miche the killer 05/28/2014 14:08

    I don’t know what Love & Hip Hop is either, so I Googled it and all I found out was “Bambi and Pinky battle for Scrappy’s love.”. Sounds legit. How dare the flight attendant do his job in face of so much unleashed glory.

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    BiebersStrapon 05/28/2014 14:19

    Stupid fuċking nìggers always play the race card.

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    Mud Nugget 05/28/2014 15:24

    Aren’t they supposed to be in a cage down in the cargo hold?

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    Beylerbey 05/28/2014 16:17


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    Beylerbey 05/28/2014 21:52

    I just thought of that scene in Trading Places.

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    fuckyouverymuch 05/29/2014 09:32

    There’s a song by Mos Def called “Mr. Nigga”. He talks about this exact thing in the 2nd verse (2m:15s)… It’s a common experience.

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