Senator George Clooney And Shit Around The Web

By Michael June 27, 2014 @ 3:13 PM


George Clooney announced that he wants to run for the Senate. Of the United States. Like, the real fucking Senate. I guess he saw Robert Redford do it in The Candidate and Kevin Spacey become the President in House of Cards and figured he’s as good looking as Redford and definitely fucked more women than Spacey, so why the hell not.

Read more about the future senator Clooney’s plans for world domination. (Defamer)

Izabel Goulart jumping rope in a bikini? Why the fuck not! (Drunken Stepfather)

Peter Dinklage takes a selfie with Grumpy Cat and the fucking Internet explodes. (BroBible)

Hairy man-woman Shailene Woodley wants us to leave Miley alone! (DListed)

I hate it when Robert DeNiro shows up at my house to watch fucking soccer. (Huffington Post)

That Shahs of Sunset daughter has strikingly large yabbos. (HollywoodTuna)

Check out Madonna and her teen tits back before she looked like blond Gollum. (Egotastic)

For once I agree with Ann Coulter, Soccer fucking blows and is unAmerican. (USA Today)

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    Admiral 06/27/2014 21:12

    Haha, Ann Coulter is goddamn great. She’s like a guided missile right to the core of stupid liberals that think with their ‘hearts’ and not with their minds.

    If you’re thinking with a part of your brain that you don’t consider your brain, you’re a damn idiot.

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    DrainBammage 06/27/2014 22:59

    The first sign of mental retardation is when you say “Ann Coulter is right.”

    The same applies to the sentence “Anderson Cooper is right”.

    Coulter is the same as Don Cherry: a closet tranny who figured out that going after the low lying fruit is the path to money without too much work.

    The great part of this gig is no matter how stupid you sound, you are going to have the mouthbreathers agreeing with you and the PC hating you which as we all know is the mother lode when both sides talk about you. And no matter how many sounbytes she can generate out of her anu$, Coulter isnt even close to being her generations Pat Buchanan who when not playing the buffoon for the media can write some pretty thoughtful pieces. Even the things you didnt agree with Pat, you could often find things to make you question some things. Coulter is a soundby with little substance. No charm, no wit, just snark and bile. These things have a shelf like (like her peehole).

    As for the latinos are the only ones that like soccer, its been proven to be total BS. If anything, soccer isnt the lower class sport it is in most countries but a suburban middle class (white) game and which is not cheap to play. Until the pro teams started their own academies, the US would miss out on a lot of latino kids whose parents couldnt put them in travelling teams (5-15,000$ a year).
    Its heavily played by ‘real americans” (in this case, it means white) and all the polls show it.
    ESPN ran two different polls these past few years as did USA Today and they all show that in the 12-25yr old (the generation that grew up with MLS) groups, soccer is near the top. NFL still leads, then its soccer and basketball, baseball is way back with twice less and then hockey rounding up the bottom.

    But again, why bring in numbers when you just want to blow off some steam and keep your name in the news cycle.
    Soccer is so big in the US now that even Coulter has to piggy back on it to get someone to care about her.

    As for Clooney, lets hope a car hits him. The world will be a better place.
    Considering that he and his dad front ever US foreign mission with ‘humanitarian’ caring, its safe to say that his bullsh1t is world class. We dont need more politicians, we need to find a way to make them all go away and it if means heading them off before they get into politics then Im all for any means necessary. If any of you can slip his coordinates in Obama’s Tuesday kill list, we could get some good use out of those drones.

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    Al Bundy 06/27/2014 23:56

    So now we see why Clooney got married.

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    Maybe_Observer 06/28/2014 11:17

    I LOVE Ann Coulter and she is obviously a genius…..

    …by the way….with respect to Clooney and idiots in politics…..Ben Affleck is constantly named as a likely candidate for Democrap party nomination for the Massachusetts governorship……

    ….after Obama’s mini-me leaves office….

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    Hugh G. Rection 06/29/2014 12:18

    Al Bundy, you hit the fúcking nail on the fùcking head.

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    adda3 06/29/2014 23:31

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