Sigma: How to Lose Friends & Survive an Apocalypse

April 3, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

I’ve heard certain terms being thrown around the internet for the last few years. Some are insults and some are faux self compliments. Terms like “Beta Cuck” and “Alpha”. These are cute when you’re online, but now that we’re possibly close to the end of times, they start to take on whole other meanings. Ironically, they mean even less.

There’s a certain term that could mean the difference between your total destruction and your survival, and unfortunately you really don’t have a choice in whether it applies to you or not: Sigma.

I haven’t seen it much online. Oddly I didn’t even know it was a thing until a few years ago. Once I did learn what it meant I became fascinated. Now, we’ve seen this type of person our whole lives through movies and television, we just didn’t know they were Sigmas. Think “the lone wolf” or the “strange gunslinger”. Mad Max, Shane, even Batman (when he’s not running around with little kids in mask). He’s the type that shuns society, yet helps when he can. Once he’s fixed the problem, he disappears as quickly and quietly as he entered. He wants nor needs anything from anyone. To the victor goes the spoils (i.e. leadership, a home, and mate), but he says keep it and continues on. That’s a Sigma, and it’s a valuable trait to have when the entire world is ending.

Think about it: No social circle to feel responsible for. No want to be part of a crowd that could quickly turn into a mob. No obligation to a mate. No want to protect meaningless possessions. No goal other than to do what one thinks is good and avoid what one thinks is wrong. Perfect. Unfortunately, to be a true Sigma one must be highly intelligent, cunning, charismatic, and tons of other things to ensure survival without the help of friends or a tribe. So, yeah, you have to basically be Mad Max. Does that look easy to you? Check out this HackSpirit article to see if you could cut it.

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Tyler Durden



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