May 29, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

I find it absolutely hilarious that humans get so upset about humans doing human shit. The cities are burning. Authority is killing. People are looting. It’s just another Friday. War and murder are never going to go away. They happen all the time. My problem is, it’s doesn’t happen enough.

We get this horse shit virus that did nothing. A crazy President that hasn’t started a single war. False Flag attacks that not only didn’t start racial riots, but ended up being Dave Chappelle’s funniest joke ever. WERE IS MY APOCALYPSES!?! Where is the NWO globalization takeover? Where are the Alien invasions? Where is this Anti-Christ guy I’ve been hearing about for years? I don’t care if you try to end the world, just stop being mediocre about it. I got shit to do and I hate being patient!

Anyway, some cop killed some dude and everyone will be mad about it for a week or two then totally forget about them both. Hey, do you guys remember Ahmaud Arbery? Yeah. Me neither.

Let’s Make This Happen People,
Tyler Durden




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