Beyonce Cancels Coachella

Musical genius Beyonce cancelled her performance at Coachella which would have left anyone with a decent head on their shoulders questioning what they paid for. She's apparently too pregnant to perform. read more

Beyonce Musical Genius and the Bitchy Women at Fashion Week on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #77

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, Matt and I and special guest Jake Dill from 98.7 L.A., radio, consider the economy crushing consequences of a Day Without Immigrants, ponder SI putting their chubby editor into a bikini to claim female empowerment, wonder why the... read more

Carlos Santana Questions Beyonce's Musical Talent

The best part about getting old is saying whatever the fuck you want. Young rebels claim this stance, but they invariably come off looking like angry assholes. It'sold coots who frankly don't give a shit anymore who lay claim to divine oracle status. read more

Adele Thanks Beyonce on Behalf of Her Black Friends (VIDEO)

Adele won Album of the Year at the Grammy's for musicwritten and produced by a mass of white dudes who stood up on stage behind her during the award show's big speech. It's awkward to be white in entertainment.Tying in the struggles of being a fat mom only get you so far.... read more

Beyonce To Give Awesome Pregnant Performance

Beyonce's standardmusical set involves dressing in Mad Max extras costumes and lip synching while pulling off some fair to middling dance moves. Imagine how awesome it will be when she's several monthsalong in a "high risk pregnancy" with twins. Can't we just get Danny... read more

Beyonce In Vitro

Remember when twins were a novelty and not an indicator that you're in the one percent? Perhaps if your body doesn't want you to have kids you couldraise in a cave, you shouldn't have kids. read more

Grammy Lamenting Is Getting Old

The Grammy Award nominations came out. All your top selling music artists are up for most of the awards. Beyonce, Kanye, Bieber, the usual suspects. The pretend game that major award shows in any entertainment format honor the highest quality in the medium has been going... read more

Travis Tritt Not Down With Beyonce

Beyonce performed with the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Association Awards because even exceptionally shitty white trash pandering music isn't safe anymore. If something is labeled Country now, it by definition blows. read more

Amy Schumer Called To Task for Plantation Yucks (VIDEO)

Eventually, the politically correct eat their own. It's the Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory of self-righteous consumption. If the process happened with any expediency, the snowflakes would melt faster than they're falling. It's not. The drifts are growing. read more

Beyonce Brings Out the Dead Black Teen Moms

Beyonce will do anything for a buck. Not to be confused with Colin Kapernick standing up for Black Lives Matter now that he's been demoted to third string in a fast fading career. Beyonce is still killing it with powerful thematic albums based on shit her husband makes up... read more

Beyonce Sweats Made in Sweatshop

Just weeks after launching the seven-hundredth celebrity athletic wear line of the year, Beyonce is under fire for claims her Ivy Park sports bra and female empowering booty shorts are manufactured in Sri Lankan sweatshops. The truth of the assertion lies less in the... read more

Beyonce Fans Lousy With the Rage

Beyonce released her Lemonade album via an HBO special over the weekend. The songs, written by Beyonce with an assist from sixty-seven of her literatemusic industry friends listed in four-point font in the credits, focused heavily on angry songs about marital infidelity.... read more