Fashion Week Doling Out the Gross Consumerism Feminism

There aren't many weeks in the year quite as blatantly self-unaware as Fashion Week. The trendy consumer culture of haute couture shouts from the private rooftop parties about inclusiveness, fat models, feminism and super well-dressed resistance. read more

Feminists Want a Win Before They Die

Aging feminists are literally dying to see a woman in the White House. Any woman. Hillary Clinton is the last chance. While Bernie Sanders clearly represents the more 60's socialist dreamer wing of the party and Clinton represents the old school practical women who made... read more

Jennifer Aniston And Gloria Steinem Are Both Swell Being Fallow

When two greats in the world of feminism like Jennifer Aniston and Gloria Steinem get together, you're going to want to grab a pound of fudge and your favorite vibrator and pull up a chair. Jennifer interviewed Gloria over the weekend at the MAKERS Conference, where... read more