Hillary Duff Not For Nothing

Hillary Duff's posturing on Tinder appearsto be a stunt for an upcoming reality show she is producing where she gets herpes from the valet guy. I'm still undecided about whether I'd suck a dick for a million dollars butI'm pretty confident in Duff's response. Can we sell it in Bulgaria? Shedescribedthe fascinating time she joined Tinder to Ryan Seacrest, forgetting we all know it's bullshit now: "It kind of started...read more

Hillary Duff Banging Down the Ladder

Hillary Duff signed up for Tinder presumably because they paid her thousands of dollars to do so, although there's also a strong possibility she is using it to satisfy her blue collar fetish like most chicks do before they marry their plastic surgeon. Duff claims this is the first time in her life she'll have the opportunity to hook up with a "Total normie." Apparently Disney Channelshow runners don't count but they...read more

Hillary Duff Looking Sharp

Hillary Duff Instagrammed herself in a bikini and gave a shout out to All the Moms Out There because taking photos of your tits and ass in inexorably tied to making other people: "Hey #moms #westillgotit #loveyourbod" You've still got it. I'm not sure about the rest of America. Have you been to a Dairy Queen? I don't see your kid in the picture. Would that make it weird? Maybe leave your reproductive habits out of...read more

Hillary Duff Knew Exactly What She Was Doing

Hillary Duff took to Instagram yesterday to let her fans into a very special moment in her life, by posting a photo of her sharing an embrace with her son, along with the message, "This is everything." That's pretty beautiful, isn't it? A mother and her son, and all that truly matters in the world captured perfectly by one photo shared with 1.8 million people. I just can't get past the part where the kid has basically...read more

Aaron Carter Wants Hilary Duff Back

Aaron Carter is still in love with his teenage girlfriend Hilary Duff and is acting like a middle school girl on Twitter to prove it. The two of them dated when they were 13, back when Aaron could only dream about meeting his future broke and unemployed hero self in ten years time. They would braid each other's hair and doodle love notes in his unicorn trapper keeper until he chose loose lipped Lindsay Lohan over...read more