Britneys dad and her ex arranged her break-up

By brendon January 15, 2013 @ 2:18 PM


There had been rumors for a while that Jason Trawick was ready to break up with Britney Spears, but since he’s also the co-conservator of her estate, it wasn’t as if he could simply fake his own murder like I do.

Instead, Trawick had to meet with Britney’s dad in secret to settle on the terms of his daughters breakup, as if he’d just lost a war or something.

Radar has exclusively learned that (Britney), 31, had very little to do with the decision process regarding her split…
“Jason wanted out, and in the fragile state that Britney is in, it’s not like he could have a rational conversation with her about it, so it was really between him and Jamie. They decided how the relationship needed to end and how to go about the technicalities, such as removing Jason from the conservatorship, when he would move out and how to announce the split. Britney was left out of everything and really didn’t even know what was going on.”

I bet Britney would really enjoy a story about herself where the phrase “she didn’t even know what was going on” doesn’t come up at least once.

(image source of britney in malibu yesterday – fame/flynet)

Britney is getting her own money as a wedding gift

By brendon January 23, 2012 @ 4:56 PM


Britneys Spears father, who is either very generous or too cheap to buy a real present, will give up his conservatorship as a wedding gift to Britney, allowing her full control over her finances (and an empire estimated at around $200 million) for the first time in 5 years.

Her father Jamie has been conservator of her affairs since her life spiralled out of control in 2007.
But as a special gift to mark her upcoming wedding to fiance Jason Trawick, Britney’s father is asking a judge to halt the conservatorship.

When Jason heard the news, he sat back in a big leather chair, tapped the tips of his fingers together and said, “Eexxcellent. Everything is going exactly as planned”, then laughed maniacally.

Britney got engaged

By brendon December 19, 2011 @ 11:54 AM


As expected, Britney Spears got engaged to her ex-manager Jason Trawick this weekend in Las Vegas, during his 40th birthday party at Planet Hollywood. Also as expected, her ring was relatively simple, at least by Hollywood standards. Some spoiled cunt like Jennifer Lopez would demand 10 of those rings. As if it’s some treat to marry that mean bitch. Marc Anthony could start dating Casey Anthony and she’d only be the second worst person he’d ever been with.

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Britney might be getting engaged tonight

By brendon December 16, 2011 @ 11:21 AM


Multiple reports today claim that Britney Spears will get engaged, probably this weekend but perhaps as early as tonight, to her dreamy boyfriend and former manager Jason Trawick.

Radar says he now has the ring that he picked out and ordered a few months ago, and TMZ adds…

Multiple sources who are definitely in the know say Jason plans to pop the question tonight … in Las Vegas.?
We’re told Britney knows they’re getting engaged, so it’s not going to be a big surprise.?

It’s kind of weird that he’s doing this in Vegas, since that’s where Britney was in 2004 when she got drunk and married another guy named Jason (for 55 hours before having it annulled). I’m petty and insecure so I don’t like it when I have things in common with guys my girlfriend used to date. On a totally unrelated note, has anyone here ever taken in one of those schoolgirl exchange students from Korea? How does that work exactly? Do they include pictures or what?

Britney might be getting married again

By brendon November 23, 2011 @ 11:35 AM


Britney Spears has been dating Jason Trawick for over two years now, so it makes perfect sense to hear that they’re talking about getting married. Which is why I always dump girls well before that.

(Trawick) has been doing some serious ring shopping and he is close to plopping down a massive amount of cash on her engagement ring, a source tells Radar.
“He has been everywhere from Tiffany to Harry Winston looking for a ring and he is close to making his final decision. Don’t expect anything too massive or obnoxious.  This ring will be classy and under 4-carats.”
This is the second source to confirm that Britney is close to becoming engaged.

Sometimes girls who are Britneys age (she turns 30 next month) worry that they’ll never meet a handsome guy and fall in love and get married, but this story proves their dream can still come true! As long as they have a billion dollars like she does.

(image source of britney and jason two weeks ago in london = fame)

Britney had a romantic weekend with her boyfreind

By brendon December 06, 2010 @ 3:51 PM

Britney Spears was in a yellow string bikini in Hawaii today

Even though Star said he’s a violent lunatic, Britney Spears spent a romantic weekend on the beach in Mexico with her boyfriend Jason Trawick, a move that might seem like a publicity stunt but that was actually planed long ago because last Thursday was her birthday (she’s 29).

People magazine says…

Last week, Spears’s camp denied a tabloid report that Trawick “beat on” her. And their intimate getaway, which included a private chef and a fridge stocked with fresh fruit, seemed to prove their point.
“They suntanned and did a lot of relaxing and decompressing,” says the source. “They seemed very much in love. ”
“When they landed, she got to the [private] villa and was blown away,” a source (says). “Jason had arranged a red velvet cake for her birthday.”

Oohh, that must be what they meant by “romantic”. Britney got cake. I just hope she doesn’t get confused if she’s ever in a fabric or hobby store. “Yes, hello, I was wondering if you had the kind of red velvet that goes in my tummy. Because I tried some of the red velvet you had on the roll back there, and it was very dry and tough to chew.”