Johnny Weir Being Sued for Texting Herpes

Victor Voronoz is suing the shit out of his former figure skating husband and flamboyant sports announcer Johnny Weir because Weir told Access Hollywood that Voronoz tried to rape him during one of their attempted reconciliations: He asked me to lay in bed with him in... read more

Johnny Weir's Marriage Rectumciliation

Johnny Weir will no longer be gay divorcing his husband Victor Vornov. The fairy tale marriage looked like it was going to come to an end when Johnny surprised Victor with divorce papers and the couple began jousting like a couple of 12-year-old girls in a slap fight.... read more

Johnny Weir's Big Gay Divorce Gets GaNasty

Johnny Weir's big gay divorce from husband Victor Voronov is getting real after a shocking reveal that Voronov defaced Weir's Birkin bags. Apparently the disgruntled top took out his rage on the sparkly pixie bottom by writing "Fuck You" on his expensive designer... read more

Johnny Weir Gets Gay Divorced

Flamboyant ice skater Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov are getting gay divorced after a couple years of fabulous marriage. The triple toe-looping star released a statement saying that he and Voronov have not been happy for a while and are no longer together,... read more

Johnny Weir Sticks It to Putin By Raiding His Ex-Wife's Closet

It's tough being an activist. You can be the preaching vegan, but when the meat-lovers pizza arrives at the apartment after a night of drinking, that's where the rubber meets the road. Johnny Weir took a lot of grief from the rainbow flag wavers for attending the Sochi... read more

Johnny Weir Will Not Be Held Gay Hostage

Even as Obama is trying to carpet bomb Russia with every gay athlete he can find, gay activist groups are calling for those same same-sex loving Olympians to boycott the shit out of Sochi. But figure skater Johnny Weir has told them to go take a long gay hike. He's going... read more