Lana Del Rey Raped For Art (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged of Lana Del Rey playing a rape victim in a short film shot by Eli Roth, the creep who made all the Hostel torture porn movies. It vaguely ties into a Marylin Manson project. Basically those two guys wanted to shoot a bunch of fucked up shit including a rape scene and thought they'd figure it out later. You never know when you might need a good rape scene. The staged rape footage was stashed more

Lana Del Rey Slutty But Boring

Lana Del Rey may just be the world's most boring interview. Having spent most of her teen school years intoxicated with sad poetry and booze, she seems to have been shortchanged in the conversational skills department. She knew she needed a good hook for her Complex interview, so she dropped the fact that she's fucked a good number of music industry people through the years. That's at least a something. You know, more

Lana Del Ray Will Perform At Kim's Wedding

This weekend's wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Florence, Italy is supposed to be a small, personal affair that will only feature the closest of friends and family, and probably two chairs for Rob Kardashian. Of course, small and personal doesn't mean humble or understated, because among the many luxuries that are bound to be revealed along the way, Lana Del Rey has been booked to sing her song " more

Lana Del Rey Becomes Interesting With Water

Lana Del Rey is pretty damn boring. When she used to be known as Lizzy Grant, the shy really boring singer, it was kind of like, hell, she's shy and boring and that's okay because she can sing not super horrible and she seems real. I don't know who said that, but I imagine it was a bunch of people who go to sign-up shows in the Village and applaud anything retro and non-commercially viable. But now that she's more

Lana Del Rey Shows Off Her Tattoo

Girl who have tattoos around their pubes are hot. I don't care what the tattoo is. It tells the world, I had a guy with a needle inking some shit above my privates so that you can see it when you take off my pants. It also tells the world you're a girl who got drunk and hates her daddy. That will make you popular with the boys. Lana Del Rey has been described as a lounge singer, Sinatra-esque, kitschy, old-school, more

Courtney Love is mad about Lana Del Reys Nirvana cover

Lana Del Rey did a cover of Nirvana's ‘Heart Shaped Box' during a concert in Sydney last week, and though it's down now, Courtney Love--pardon me--Courtney Love Cobain, went on twitter today to smugly ask if Lana even knows what the song is about. And then explained it was about her vagina. The phrase 'heart shaped box' refers to a ladies vagina. Who would have guessed. After that she said Kevin Spacey is more

BREAKING NEWS: Lana Del Rey smiled

People say that Lana Del Rey is too pouty and quiet but consider this: fuck those people. Lana Del Rey is awesome. She's hot, she writes all her own songs, and she didn't just copy someone else or rely on gimmicks like that jackass Lady Gaga. Not only that but she seems like the kind of girl that we'll eventually see naked, and that's a trait I really admire in girls. NOTE: There are still plans to re-release more