Kate Beckinsale is photogenic

October 12, 2011 | Uncategorized | editor| 0 Comments

Kate Beckinsale is in Mexico today with her husband Len Wiseman, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that Len Wiseman can go fuck himself. (image source = splash) READ MORE

Jessica Biel with no makeup is not bad

June 14, 2011 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Jessica Biel arrived in Toronto over the weekend to begin filming the ‘Total Recall’ remake, starring the underrated Colin Farrell and directed by the appropriately rated Len Wiseman, and when she got off the plane she didn’t have any... READ MORE


June 22, 2007 | Photos | editor| 0 Comments

Die Hard 4 director Len Wiseman showed off the only decent thing he's ever done last night at the movies London premiere, while he and wife Kate Beckinsale made out on the dance floor at the after party.  It's... READ MORE