Katherine Webb Quit Splash

By Travis April 18, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

It seems that a back injury may be responsible for the end of Katherine Webb’s 15 minutes of fame, that is until Donald Trump either makes it so she wins Miss USA or finds a spot for her on Celebrity Apprentice. But the Miss Alabama USA who got Brent Musberger’s hog roaring during the BCS Championship game told the audience on this week’s episode of Splash that she “went to the doctor and, unfortunately, he told me I’m out of the competition.”

Kudos to the producers of ABC’s celebrity diving series, though, because they were smart enough to replace Webb with someone who has even bigger tits. Unfortunately, that was Louie Anderson, and he was kicked off the show again, because it wasn’t even cute the first time.

(Photo Credits: WENN.com)

So Splash Was On Last Night

By Steve G. March 20, 2013 @ 4:01 PM

ABC’s Splash debuted last night. Didn’t watch, but I got it DVR’d from now on based on the header image alone. From what I can gather this is literally a show about nine mediocre celebrities and an out of place Ndamukong Suh jumping and swimming in pools with no possible prize in sight. It is strictly to get face time on TV. There is also no point to this post, I just want you all to know I will be watching a morbidly obese, on the brink of death Louie Anderson leap to his possible demise. Tuesdays on ABC 8pm/7pm central.

ABC’s Splash Looks Pretty Good

By Travis March 07, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

The fact that there are not one but TWO celebrity diving shows on American television says pretty much everything you need to know about why people are so stupid lately. First, FOX aired Stars in Danger: The High Dive back in January, and it featured losers like JWOWW and Terrell Owens belly-flopping into swimming pools. And soon ABC will unveil its own series, Splash, which began filming last month.

ABC doubled down with the female sex appeal, as Splash will feature Miss Alabama USA and Brent Musberger wet dream Katherine Webb (above) and Playboy Playmate and girl who used to have sex with a really old man, Kendra Wilkinson. But those two can’t hold a candle to the best set of tits on the entire show…

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