Mariah Carey Loves a Parade

By Lex November 27, 2015 @ 12:14 PM

Mariah Carey Cleavage Singing For The Macy's Day Parade
It’s not clear when Mariah Carey became the symbol of Christmas in America. Somebody got to inflating her up on Madison and 82nd in the staging area for the Macy’s Day Parade and there she came down the route waving and singing something pre-taped several weeks ago in a steam bath. In the past few years Mariah has gone from a sex symbol to your grandma who pulls out that low cut dress once a year just to experience anybody staring at her chest again. Carrying Nick Cannon ages you in Presidential years. Keep the oversized sunglasses on when Santa bones you. He has a reputation too.

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Mariah Carey Tits of War

By Lex September 17, 2015 @ 10:21 AM

Mariah Carey Gets Busty For Game Of War Ad
Athletes, entertainers, the long term incarcerated for crimes against children, all need to contemplate what comes after the prime of their career. So long as lonely war app game players admire Photoshopped tits, Mariah Carey will be heralding their newest form of non-physical activity related entertainment. Lost your voice? No problem. That’s what recording libraries are for. Give us a day and we’ll give you ten million dollars. No, you don’t need to blow the developers, just lean into them every now and then in a low cut top. I know, isn’t this industry so much better?

Photo Credit: Game Of War

Mariah Carey Gets A Star

By Lex August 07, 2015 @ 8:19 AM

Mariah Carey Gets A Star
Mariah Carey laid down seductively along Hollywood Boulevard as seismologists at Cal Tech traced their pencils over the peak lines and declared a 4.3. Carey deserved her star. Even before they started passing them out to every chick who had the hot pop song of the summer or was in the latest Marvel movie. Mariah Carey earned her fame the old fashioned way. She came to town on a bus, hustled for big fake tits money, and fucked an important music executive twice her age. Kids these days with their YouTubes and their Snapchat machines just don’t get it. This might be the last of the grand dames. Form a human bucket line. If she dries, she dies.

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Mariah Carey Nipple Slips Out of Containment

By Lex June 23, 2015 @ 8:43 AM

Mariah Carey Bikini Malfunction In Italy
The technology that went into Mariah Carey’s all-terrain fat containment suit wasn’t even available just five years ago. It’s how we’re going to keep diabetic soda kids from going comatose on future trips to Mars. Still  you direct too many psi into the muffin area and a tit is going to squirt out of containment. A convenient coincidence when you’re forty-five and trying to look cool in front of your new rich Australian boyfriend. Reports says Mariah fell madly in love with James Packer the minute her business manager vetted his last four years of tax reports. How much is this dude worth? Mariah’s body will let you know. A nipple is a good sign.

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J-Lo Can’t Sit Through Mariah And Shit Around The Web

By Michael May 19, 2015 @ 12:00 PM


The Internet is all in a tizzy after Jennifer Lopez was caught texting during Mariah Carey’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards. The more appropriate celebrity response is to pretend you’re watching raptly while imaging Mariah dead and you singing at her funeral to heaps of praise.

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Tamara Ecclestone unleashes her nips on the beach. (Drunken Stepfather)

Watch the Joker smack down Harley Quinn in this leaked Suicide Squad footage. (Huffington Post)

Let’s pretend it’s the 90′s and check out Kate Beckinsale’s ass. (Popoholic)

Hot girls tugging on their clothes to reveal what’s underneath. (The Chive)

Emma Stone grew up to be highly bangable. (COED)

2015 Billboard Music Awards Had to Happen

By Lex May 19, 2015 @ 11:02 AM

2015 Billboard Music Awards  Mariah Carey
Ironic Jesus came to me in a dream and told me that if I watched enough music award shows, he’d make something heavy fall on Taylor Swift. A hanging speaker or roof panel or Adele. I relented and watched the Billboard music awards. Kanye was booed by the upper deck and his mom in heaven because he refused to splurge on the platinum lipo package. Mariah Carey was so tightly cinched her head threatened to go Scanners. At one point the assistant who holds the lint roller came up and wiped up visible smudges on her gown which turned out to be hemoglobin osmosed through her flesh. The Devil’s cut. Nothing fell. Where do I got to get my five minutes of fast forward back?

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