The Lifetime Membership Is Back on Mr. Skin, But Not for Long

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It's a rare occasion that compels the folks at Mr. Skin to offer lifelong access to the site for a super low price - but it's here, and it comes with extra freebies. 


Right Now, You Can Get Access to Naked News for Just $5!

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The New York Times may be "the news that's fit to print," but Naked News can do one better: It's "the news with nothing to hide." 


Sit Back, Relax, and Unzip With the Naked News Labor Day Sale

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Sexy anchors strip down on the news network that strips away the bullshit.


Ella Ross’ Rockin’ Midriff and Shit Around the Web

May 17, 2017 | crap around the web | Robert Paulsen| 0 Comments

Halle Berry naked Instagram post (DrunkenStepfather)

Robin Tunney throws shade at Miss USA (TMZ)

Pascal Craymer braless in see-through blouse (TaxiDriverMovie)

Frida Aasen shows her ass n' more (EgotasticAllStars)

Ella Ross rocks a bare midriff on the town (Egotastic)

Laura Vandervoort is bootylicious (Popoholic)


A Lifetime of Celebrity Titties For a Franklin and Five Tubmans ($199 Forever Deal For Mr. Skin)

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Men of all ages spend most of their time trying to get paid or get laid. You take a break every now and then to call mom and let her know you're not in jail. That's the bottom floor... READ MORE

Naked News, Newsgirls Get Naked, Just $149 for a Full Fucking Lifetime

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If you've ever contemplated joining the Naked News bandwagon, this is the time to get that shit. For $149 you can get a Forever Membership to Naked News. Lifetime. For Forever. No rebills ever. I don't know, how many... READ MORE

Mr. Skin and Naked News Just $4 A Month for Super Bowl Weekend

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There’s one and only one rule at my Super Bowl party. You may not shit in the toilet. Shit before. Shit after. You are not destroying the bathroom. I’m serving nachos. I have no yard. Plan accordingly. The god-fearing radicalized... READ MORE

Best Black Friday Gift to Thineself

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I guess this is an ad. Far be it from me to tell anybody how to spend their good Christian holiday cash. Jews I think get free gifts as part of the banking conspiracy. But you could do worse... READ MORE