Asiri Ocean is Today’s Quarantine Cutie!

April 23, 2020 | Photos | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Today’s Quarantine Cutie who is out there working the frontlines of they webcams to bring all of us entertainment in these dark times is Asiri Ocean ! The reason I chose her over the 1000s of other girls is... READ MORE

LilBaby is Today’s Quarantine Cutie!

April 15, 2020 | Features | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Today’s Quarantine Cutie is LIL BABY who you can see more of in the gallery below. You will not be disappointed because she’s got that look of some many of those girls on instagram, but unlike the girls of... READ MORE

What to Watch – Out of the Shadows!

April 15, 2020 | video | WWTDD| 0 Comments

This is a documentary I saw posted on Facebook, because I do engage with the devil every once in the while but feel I’m okay with that because I am aware that I am engaging with the Devil. I... READ MORE

Matt McConaughey’s Bounty Hunter Alter Ego Teaches You How to Make a Mask!

April 14, 2020 | Celebs | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I don’t know about you, but there are only a handful of actors I actually like and Matt McConaughey is one of them. From his first breakout role in Dazed and Confused to basically everything he’s done, besides the... READ MORE

BabeAriel is Your Quarantine Crush

April 8, 2020 | Features | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I know you may be going crazy in your homes right now, not able to work, not able to socialize, not able to date or even leave the house to see hot girls living, partying, shopping. It’s easy to... READ MORE

Homewrecker Alicia Keys Drags Terry Richardson for Manipulating Her!

April 3, 2020 | Gossip | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Leave Uncle Terry Alone! There’s a story that is going around that annoys me and it involves Alicia Keys, thanks to her looking for salacious storylines to promote her new memoir I assume no one cares about. It’s Alicia... READ MORE

Dora Madison is Disgusted by Men

March 26, 2020 | Celebs | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Her name is Dora Madison Burge and she’s an actress you’ve probably never heard of. Her instagram bio is “simple and irrelevant” which is pretty accurate, she only has 8,000 followers on social media despite consistently being naked on... READ MORE

Tom Brady is Leaving the Patriots!

March 17, 2020 | News | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I don’t really do the whole sports things, but Tom Brady and the Patriots are pretty much interchangeable, so this is pretty big news. Plus, he’s married to that Victoria’s Secret model, who happens to be the highest paid... READ MORE

Coronavirus Challenge – The Toilet Seat Edition – Is Running for President.

March 17, 2020 | News | WWTDD| 0 Comments

As the director general of the WHO addresses the COVID-19 virus. Where he is encouraging testing, social distancing and all that other stuff. While other professionals and experts in the field of epidemiology, medicine, etc. The general egocentric and... READ MORE

A Lot of People are Wishing Rape on Weinstein!

March 11, 2020 | Gossip | WWTDD| 0 Comments

As you all know by now, Harvey Weinstein has just been sentenced to 23 years in prison. They basically threw the book at him to make an example out of him. In ways, it could be to prove that... READ MORE



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