By brendon June 03, 2008 @ 12:21 PM

Nick Hogan can be famously heard sniffling like a scared little bitch on several phone calls to his mommy and daddy (here and here) crying that he doesn’t like jail because they keep him locked up in a cell all by himself.  That actually sounds like the best possible scenario if you have to be in jail, but this little fruit still had his parents petition the judge to have him sprung from jail and placed under house arrest.  In this case, meaning he would be confined to his dads fabulous Florida mansion.  In a related story, John Graziano will be in a coma for the rest of his life.  But at least with this there is good news.  TMZ says…

Poor Nick Hogan! A judge has just denied his request to be let out til his 18th birthday. For now, Nicky Boy will stay put in the Pinellas County, Fla. jail.

My great hope is that everyone in America hears these tapes and knows this story and treats Hogan like the scared little bitch he truly is for the rest of his life.  My other great hope is to nail Marisa Miller in the ass.  I'm noble!


By brendon May 27, 2008 @ 7:38 AM

I keep forgetting to put this up, it’s a few days old now, but if you haven’t heard it yet, AOL has a phone conversation between Nick Hogan and Hulk Hogan, recorded while Nick is in jail, where they essentially say John Grazianos negative attitude is the reason that John is in a permanent vegetative state.  You may think the reason he is in a coma is because Nick Hogan had a few beers and raced his car down the street and smashed into a telephone poll, but no, it was because John sometimes yelled at people.

HULK:  I don’t know what type of person John was, or what he did to get himself in this situation, I know he was pretty aggressive, and he used to yell at people and he used to do stuff, and, for some reason man, God laid some heavy shit on that kid, man, I don’t know what he was into…
NICK: John was a negative person.
HULK: He was what?
NICK:  He was a negative person.

After that, the conversation cuts to them talking about how to make Nick the most money possible out of this situation.  It's like that old saying, "when life hands you lemons, put the lemon in a fucking coma.  Then you can sell it for money."

(if you're not making a fist right now, try listening to the tape again while looking at this picture of John in his hospital bed.  WARNING – this picture is pretty awful)


HOGAN DRIVING UPDATE – and as several have pointed out, Brooke Hogan was in a two car crash over the weekend in Tampa.  At least this time, it doesn’t seem to have been her fault, and the Hogan family didn't leave anyone with life ending injuries (more on TMZ here, picture source = splash news online).


By brendon May 23, 2008 @ 10:17 AM

AOL has a copy of one of Nick Hogans phone calls from jail to his mommy (hear it here).  In it, he cries like a little girl after a scary dream as he and his mom agree that 8 months in jail for a silly car accident is way more than he deserves.  There's no mention of the kid he left in a coma, but there is lots of uncontrollable sobbing.  They agree that this whole jail thing is “BS”.  Aww poor little lamb.  Paralyze one kid and everyone freaks out.  That judge a real jerk!


By brendon May 21, 2008 @ 4:50 AM

Page Six says that Nick Hogan is absolutely losing his mind in jail, and he’s just barely begun his eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving.  He, of course, was speeding and wrecked his car last August, an accident that has left then-best friend John Graziano in a vegetative state ever since.  The Post says…

"Nick's doing really bad. He's struggling to even form a sentence," one friend said. "They have him in a cell by himself, isolated from the general population, because of threats. He didn't understand how awful jail really is until now." That will be small consolation to Graziano's relatives, who say Hogan has done very little for their son since the crash.

Oh boo-hoo.  Nick is a spoiled little bitch and his arrogance left a kid crippled.  Fuck him.  Not only do I hope he gets raped in jail, I hope they shove his head in the toilet while they do it.  I hope they bang him so hard, his anus actually starts smoldering.  Like, there's smoke.  His asshole should look like the porthole of a ship when he gets out.


By brendon May 13, 2008 @ 9:39 AM

Nick Hogan used to laugh all the time about how fast and reckless he drove, one time even bragging in Rides magazine about how he got pulled over three times in his silver Viper for driving 107, 113, and 123mph.  According to him, this was in the span of about 10 minutes in a 50mph zone.  He was well known to drag race and drift his cars, a hobby encouraged by his mom, and something he talked about on the message boards for tamparacing com under the handle "supraman111".  Then on 8.27.07, he had a few beers and drag raced a friend.  While driving 60 in a 40, Hogan lost control, jumped a medium and wrapped his car around a telephone poll, critically injuring his passenger, who is still in a vegetative state today.  Nonetheless, Brooke Hogan would like all the haters to go fuck themselves.  She wrote this on her myspace…

Current mood: pissed off
Category: Life
I know most of the public thinks my brother is some rich little selfish kid, but NO ONE knows the real story and I'm really pissed that the truth didn't come out from either side. A LOT of lies were told in that trial. Believe me. And it wasn't from us. John was NEVER home. He was at our house. ALL THE TIME. that should say enough…. Im not going to be out spoken right now, but If some s*** doesn't start getting straightened out, A lot of people are going to eat their words for lieing. I know all of the truth and I have back up. I never know how twisted this world could be but I'm starting to figure it out. And I'm gonna have to jump off my high road and tackle some ppl who are taking the low road. I know you guys don't understand, but you will really really soon. Keep praying. And by the way, before you judge anybody, make sure you really know them. I promise you if you were to meet my brother he would give you the shirt off his back. He's not "NICK HOGAN." AND hes not the person he plays on tv. People are so gullible now a days…"

She took that down and then put up this…

I have the truth on my side. And the truth will set everyone straight sooner or later. PEACE
ps: yes I took my last one off cause I know itll go around anyway. Have at it ppl."

Brooke and I agree, Nick Hogan is the real victim in all this.  If John didn’t wanna end up in a coma, why was he at their house ALL THE TIME?  With ALL THE TIME in caps.  As Brooke points out, that’s all you need to know.  It really makes you think.


By brendon November 20, 2007 @ 10:44 AM

When Nick Hogan was in a brutal car crash on August 26th, a crash that has left his friend John Graziano in a coma ever since, Nick Hogans mom came out and said all the right things about how awful street racing is and how this was all sad and shit.  Which is not to be confused with what she said when a guy asked her to streetrace her Mercedes S600 two years ago, in a DVD called "Vehicular Lunatics".  Then she said, "Yeeeaahhhhh, wooooo!  Lets Kick It!"  ABC News in Tampa says:

One "Extra" on the DVD is called "Street Racing With Linda Hogan."
At one point, Linda is seen alongside another car. Her daughter, Brooke is her passenger. Brooke says to the men in the adjacent car, "Wanna race?" One of the men replies, "Yeah! We love racing you! On three." Brooke replies, "Let's do this. Alright." Then Linda says "Let's kick it."
Nick and his father are also seen in the documentary.
Two years later, 17 year old Nick is charged with felony reckless driving after a crash leaves a friend in a coma, and after Nick was pulled over four times for speeding. At one point in the documentary, his mother was asked how she feels about street racing.
Her answer: "Oh, I love it. I love it. The rush, the speed on the road, stereo blasting, heart-pounding, racing in between all the cars, dodging the cops. It's awesome."

Wow, what a cool mom.  Too bad the video cuts off where it does, we probably missed Linda's pep talk about the smooth refreshing taste of Budweiser and her showing Brooke some tips on how to suck a guy off.