Puff Daddy Knows Tits Sell Bullshit (VIDEO)

By Matt May 05, 2015 @ 8:08 AM


Sean “Diddy” Combs made a commercial for his new cologne featuring his real life girlfriend’s exposed pierced tits and him hate fucking her in a chokehold. I’ve always found him annoying yet this is his best work to date. Considering it’s an ad for a fifty dollar bottle of worcetershire sauce that’s more of an indictment than a compliment. How much does Sting hate you and can you give his kids a PA job? The fragrance is called “3 am” which is roughly how late you’ll be up on Tinder before ordering some bad Chinese and falling asleep in a pool of your own saddened semen while marinating yourself in bad decisions. It’s called the NASDAQ look it up. Dudes who use cologne are hilarious tools. Your chick will pay you to throw it away. Pluck those eyebrows.

Puff Daddy Has Returned

By Michael March 25, 2014 @ 2:43 PM

Sean Combs has once again changed his stupid name back to Puff Daddy. That’s the moniker he went by when we were first burst onto the scene back in the 90′s by exploiting his friend Biggie’s death for stardom. He made the announcement on Twitter saying,

“For the record, I did not change my name. I always have been and always will be PUFF DADDY! :) Be cool Man lol”

Alright, twelve year old girl liar. In 2001 he changed it to P. Diddy, which sounds like what a toddler might call wetting their big kid diaper, Then he changed it to just Diddy because, “The P. was coming between me and my fans”. What the fuck does that mean and what fans? Sometimes he goes by Sean “Diddy” Combs, like on his taxes and official documents. But now he’s Puff Daddy again, arguably one of the stupidest rap names of all time. He once fired a PA for calling him P. Diddy when he was going by  just Diddy. As if another grown man is supposed to be up to date on his lame fake rap names. Changing your name is the female equivalent of getting a new haircut and wanting everybody to marvel over your fabulous new look.  Puff Daddy, you are not so fabulous.