Casper Smart Might Be Nailing Tranny J-Lo

By Lex May 28, 2014 @ 3:59 PM

Sofie Vissa Poses For A Bikini Selfie
I don’t know what’s more shocking. A pretty male stage dancer leaning gay or me finding his online tranny fling pretty damn hot. The answer is probably neither. I was going to get more deeply involved in the story on of Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart flirting with transgender escort Sofie Vissa. He┬ámaybe also kind of banged him/her in the truck J-Lo bought him for accompanying her to industry events and shtupping her divorced mommy patch on command. Then I realized the whole story was really kind of yuck. The kind of yuck you can’t just wash off with a shower. I’m talking the yuck that infiltrates your soul. ┬áLike cleaning the scabies from behind Khloe’s kneecaps and she says if you close your eyes she won’t tip you. You don’t want that thought haunting you as shuffle off this mortal coil. And, trust me, pictures of Casper Smart figuring out how to penetrate Sofie’s newly fashioned pockets in the back of his Dodge Ram will not leave you in this lifetime.