Kathy Griffin Naked

Kathy Griffin posing naked reminds me of that old saying, 'Why the fuck is Kathy Griffin naked?' Sure, with the right lighting and complex angles and makeup and a reformed congregation full of plastic surgery, at fifty-three she still looks like a woman who wasn't particularly good looking at thirty-three, but why now, Kathy? I could have gone my entire life without seeing how the sausage is made. Obama, where the...

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Abigail Breslin Not Waiting for 18 to Take Her Clothes Off

I'm willing to call it art since they included the lollipop sucking. Pretty much straight out of the Dutch oil painting tradition with all those Flemish ho's sucking on their rock candy. Provocative celebrity photographer Tyler Shields got seventeen year old Abigail Breslin into the bathtub to look like she's naked. She's probably not, or we're all going to be big blue dots on that website featuring men with...read more