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July 15, 2000 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Alright, so to recap,

THE BACKSTORY: A few months ago I started posting pictures of the sexy readers who were nice enough to strip down to their underwear and send us pictures.

THE IDEA: This is awesome. More sexy readers should strip down to their underwear and send us pictures, and we’ll have a contest on the Tyler facebook.

THE INCENTIVE: Pride and a feeling of accomplishment. But that didn’t work at all so we changed it to $500.

THE PROBLEM: The facebook vote app sucked, so I had to move it over here. I’ll find a fancier version for next week but I think this will work for now.

So we’ll do 5 or 6 girls every week. The girl in banner won last week. This week it’s between Fiona (5 pics start here), K2 (7 pics start here), part Asian (3 pics start here), Red (5 pics start here), and VixxCynn (11 pics start here)




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