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If you didn't remember Bobby Lee from Mad TV and a half dozen movies before, you're probably going to remember him now.  Because Redban has video of him describing the time he gave his cousin a blowjob when he was 15.  You read that right, by the way.  At first this may sound like just another "famous comedian who blew his cousin when he was 15" story, but wait, there's more, because Lee also breaks down the Asian hierarchy in the video.  His analysis may seem pretty offensive if you're Vietnamese, until you remember that you're being insulted by a dude who just admitted to sucking off his cousin.  Not only would it be worse if he thought you were number 1, it would be much much worse.  Having a dude who's easily tricked into gay incest on your side is like having the Klan endorse you for mayor.  Umm, thanks anyway.        See the video here

And these pictures of Grace Park have nothing to do with anything of course, except she's also Asian.  And super hot.  Surfing Asian bikini sites is a big part of my writing process, and top scientists and I agree that babes who are super hot and Asian are 1500 percent hotter than babes who are super hot but not Asian.  The results are in people.  It's a fact.  All you doubters need to stand aside and let science do it's work.     

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