By brendon August 30, 2006 @ 4:15 AM

Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg were seen leaving Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills Monday night, fueling talk that they are back together after breaking up 9 months ago.  At the time, his rumored drug habit was said to be the cause for their split, but who could blame her for running back to this handsome devil.  When asked for a comment, Goldberg swung around on his tire and said "ooo-ooo-ahh-ahh!"  But the real question is, does Christina Ricci even have pores?  She looks fantastic.  Cigarettes must be packed with vitamins.  

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    nocturnal 08/30/2006 07:37

    Smokers are jokers! Smokers are jokers!

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    Frank 08/30/2006 15:43

    Smoking is great…I smoke like a chimeny, it’s great. I don’t care if I get cancer and die…it’s great.

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    Brent 08/30/2006 18:43

    Pic 3, who punched “cheetah” in the gut?


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    mike03 08/30/2006 21:55

    She’s always been my favorite actress. And she dates ugly guys too. Just enough hope to keep going.

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    rein 08/30/2006 23:18

    If I were a cigarette, I would want to be that one.

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    Lawrence 08/31/2006 00:03

    Christina Ricci looks like she’s 50 and has mild Down’s Syndrome with her huge bumpy forehead and bugeyes. If I saw her in a dark alley, I’d get the fuck out.

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    DeadElvis 08/31/2006 06:57

    Looking at pic 1 & 2 I believe Ms. Ricci is getting close to having “cankles”. Her legs appear to be growing large enough to completely eliminate the ankle, much like Hillary Clinton. If she continues smoking I think she might have a shot at being the next Marlboro Man.

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    dustin 09/30/2006 02:57

    So I just have to make one comment. It wasnt Monday night, it was Saturday that she was at Mr. Chows. I was there and they looked to be having a good time. Half the time I pictured my self sitting there with her.

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