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The toughest part of the grieving process is knowing when to sell the last known pictures of your dead son to the tabloids.  Anna Nicole Smith listened to her heart, and it turns out that the answer is "seven days".  What a survivor!  The Daily News says:

In Touch magazine paid as much as $400,000 for the print exclusive on photos, and the Paramount-produced television shows "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" forked over an estimated $250,000 for the TV exclusive.  In Touch won the rights, I hear, after topping People's bid of $350,000. A spokeswoman for In Touch told me, "There is an incredible amount of emotion attached to this story and the photos, and our story will be a tribute to Daniel's life as a well as a celebration of it."

On the front page of her website, Anna Nicole already has a touching celebration of her son.  It's a blurry picture of him looking away while Anna beams up at the camera in a bikini.  Classy?  You better believe it.  And just how any son would want it.  I'm a litte surprised she didn't post the one where she wrote "I LOVE COCK" on his forehead as he lay dead on the floor and she leaned in to take some funny "thumbs up" pictures because she thought he was sleeping.  There's no evidence pictures like that exist, but I think we both know they do.

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