By brendon September 18, 2006 @ 12:56 PM

There’s absolutely nothing going on yet today, so these Ashlee Simpson Christina Aguilera outtakes from a lingerie photo shoot last week are only to pass the time.  I think I read somewhere that if you ever see a girl this hot in real life, you have the legal right to start masturbating.  You could be at the bank or in an elevator or wherever – the cops can't touch you.  Granted, they would probably leave you alone anyway.  No boy cop is gonna jump in there and no girl cop wants to tackle a naked guy with an erection because, quite frankly, it makes them look a little desperate.

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    alcimedes 09/18/2006 13:58

    Why does it take a “slow news day” for us to get photos of Christina in her underwear? Shouldn’t this be the top priority of this site?

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    Willie Beamin 09/18/2006 14:21

    Remember the days when it was like who was hotter Christina or Britney. Neither do I. All I can day is…DAMN!!

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    DrunkenPig 09/18/2006 15:02

    I was about to jerk off on this pics but then I read the comment about Britney, her image came to my mind and I just felt sick, ran to the bathroom and vomited.

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    aaronious 09/18/2006 15:11

    Life is NOT FAIR!

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    Joanne 09/18/2006 15:18

    WTF, this chick is not hot. Big head, long horse face and consistantly too much makeup. Put any chick on the street behind that much wardrobe and peroxide and you’d probably get better results.

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    mgbrit 09/18/2006 15:23

    Joanne, you’re incorrect: she’s hot because she can dance, sing and she is famous enough for people to want to per her on the street behind that much wardrobe and peroxide.

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    jay 09/18/2006 15:24

    I believe Inspector Gadger said it best when he said…”WOWZERS!”

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    KC01 09/18/2006 15:32

    Fake hair, fake boobs, but REAL bowed legs (not as obvious in these photos but they’re gross). Can’t she get some kind of surgery to correct the bow leggedness? And I’m with Joanne….I could rock the look with all that make-up, the fake boobs, the peroxide out the wazoo…and I don’t even HAVE the bowed legs.

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    James01 09/18/2006 15:40

    wrong KC…she is fake breasted, peroxide hair, bow legged world famous millionare singer and you are KC on the internet…sorry your couldnt hold a candle to her

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    aaronious 09/18/2006 16:06

    I’d put a candle IN her!

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    Phreaky-Zee 09/18/2006 16:09

    Some of the best pics I’ve seen of her :)

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    DeadElvis 09/18/2006 16:22

    She does nothing for me. She is a skank, a “Madonna Jr.” She is a singing slut, not the next Victoria Secret model.

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    Maureen 09/18/2006 16:24

    I think shes really pretty. You never seem to hear anything bad about her, shes married and keeps quiet as far as gossip or scandals go

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    Liz 09/18/2006 16:26

    I think she’s beautiful, talented, and has her head screwed on straight…which is more than can be said for most of hollywood.

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    jenifer 09/18/2006 16:31

    To KC and Joann, perhaps you dont like her cause you dont look like her. My money’s going to the fact that you probably dont fuck like her either. Any chick that’s been given a rock like that probably deserves and has worked hard for it. hahaha

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    JoeBlow 09/18/2006 16:48

    I’d wax that ass all night long. Fax boobs, don’t care. Bowed legs are fine with me as well. I’d rather have sex with her than Pairs, Jessica or that freckled freak any day of the week.

    And as someone said, why not post more of her? Haven’t we seen and heard enough about freckle freak, Jessica and the rich bitch?

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    Gus 09/18/2006 17:01

    wow….she’s got the best body i’ve seen for a long time………hmmmm….what i would would give…..

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    nocturnal 09/18/2006 17:10

    If you ever see a woman this hot in real life i belive it’s actually mandatory to start raping her violently with your penis or any other foreign object.

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    Lesley 09/18/2006 17:21

    Hell I’d bang her and I am a chick. Jealous much KC and Joanne? Admit it you two porkers. This chick has got it goin’ on like a pot of neck bones.

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    reggid 09/18/2006 19:20

    Joanne, good call on Aguilera’s horse-face. I think she’s covering up her midriff to hide the marks where the jockey was hitting her.

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