By brendon September 26, 2006 @ 3:03 PM

Everyone agrees that the best way to judge a woman's worth is by the size of her breasts – that's why girls with implants are such heroes – but shape is pretty important too.  So we should have a parade or something for Christina Ricci, even if she did get some dopey tattoo marring her otherwise perfect chest.  These are not new, obviously, since she's with her idiot coke-addict (allegedly) ex-boyfriend.  That was one couple that never made any sense.  She's pretty much adorable and he looks like an unfrozen caveman.  I can't imagine he's taking the break-up very well.  I'm sure one day soon the detectives will kick in his door and there will be hundreds of pictures of her with the eyes cut out.  And you don't even wanna know what happens when they hit the room with a black light.

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    someguyouknow 09/26/2006 16:10

    Not bad…
    I think she had them reduced…

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    Imo 09/26/2006 16:18

    She is a husky little fat faced troll.

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    brian03 09/26/2006 16:33

    Those titties are awful i give those motherfuckers 2 thunbs way down

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    Ryan 09/26/2006 16:40

    Yup, that’s coke.

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    Joey 09/26/2006 16:40

    i dont know. is she uglier skinner? yep. is she uglier fatter? yep. wouldnt it be nice if she adopted the career path of jennifer love hewitt? YEP.

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    Blumpkin 09/26/2006 16:59

    I wish I had more hands, so I could give those titties 4 thumbs down!

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    bryce 09/26/2006 17:07

    It’s funny, in the UK a swallow bird tatoo like that is pretty much what the lowest, scumiest people from 30 years ago got. Seriously, only 50 year old construction workers and crack whores have those. I suppose at least it isn’t a ‘tribal’ design or ‘titties’ in chinese…

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    Mr Flannery 09/26/2006 17:25

    Don’t some of you feel foolish for entering your actual first name?

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    CovertWar 09/26/2006 17:26

    Crappy tattoo. Stupid place to put a tattoo. Bug-eyed bobble-headed dwarf. Stop me, before I get nasty.

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    chris06 09/26/2006 17:35

    She looks like a human Bratz doll.

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    Liz 09/26/2006 17:44

    Everytime I see her, I want to pop her eyes back into their sockets.

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    jay 09/26/2006 18:15

    that topless shot is ricci? that looks awful, though her boobs look amazing in that top shot, where the boobs look bigger than her fivehead. Nice nipples though.

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    fakename 09/26/2006 18:22

    what is with that goddamned salad bowl of a forehead!? She should have some of IT removed and added to her tits too.

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    gma 09/26/2006 19:32

    She looks like an alien. And the rack has sort of a pancake thing going, not really doing much for me.

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    TRACEY 09/26/2006 19:55

    i think she had them reduced at one time,you can see the scars but they are still saggy,might be time for another at the bratz comment.

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    Lightdragon 09/26/2006 20:30

    I am going to say something really orginal which no one heard of on this board:

    I`d eat a mile of her shit to know where it came from.

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    mike03 09/26/2006 21:35

    I’d rather have one hour with this beautiful and talented goddess than a year with both of the vapid and plastic Simpson sisters.

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    Blumpkin 09/26/2006 22:21

    “Don’t some of you feel foolish for entering your actual first name?”

    Yeah, I do. Blame my parents.

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    ScytheNoire 09/26/2006 22:22

    ya, why the hell did she ever get them reduced. she got scars, and they’re smaller, it’s lose/lose.

    plus she’s freaky looking. giant foreheaded beast.

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    bj 09/26/2006 22:39

    You people don’t know what good titties look like.

    I suppose when the only boobs you’ve seen are in the porn you watch living in your mom’s basement, you get a warped view of what’s good.

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