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O.J. Simpson will be paid $3.5 million to write a book where he “confesses” to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  The book will describe how OJ murdered his wife and her friend, with OJ writing in the first person, but its not a confession, but rather a “hypothetical” version of the events, in a book called “If I Did It”.   Although Simpson still owes millions to the Goldman family after losing the civil suit brought against him, he makes it clear he has no intention of paying them a dime, and instead plans to “keep any book money instead of paying it out in a civil suit judgment against him by spending it all quickly”.   Someone more vile and despicable was unavailable for comment, due to the fact that they don’t exist.

Daniel Smith will finally be buried today in the Bahamas, 39 days after he died from a drug overdose.  Daniel will be buried wearing a trucker cap, t-shirt and blue jeans.  Seriously.  No, really.  The burial is planned for 2:30.  Anna Nicole is expected to arrive around 11. 

The most beautiful woman in the world is doing press this week for the bio-pic "Marie Antoinette", which opens this Friday.    PICTURED: Snaggletooth at various media stops.  NOT PICTURED: a cross, sunlight, vitamin C, a dental plan.

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