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Renee Zellweger has revealed the secret behind her ability to quickly gain weight and then shed it just as fast for different movie roles.  Contact Music says:

Due to filming the Bridget Jones movies, her weight has fluctuated from teeny to plump back to teeny again in a drastic fashion over the past few years.  Promoting her film "Miss Potter", Zellweger, 37, looked stunning in a classic little black dress.  Her secret?  She was only given 20 minutes for lunch on the set of her new film, "Case". "That's all we got on the set…and running around…everywhere, that helps!"

Um, what the hell are you talking about?  First of all, no you didn't.  You're the damn star.  You idiots are coddled like a bomb in a bus full of kids.  You weren't ordered to eat in 20 minutes.  If you were, it was probably because the director didn't want your squinty ass wandering off and getting lost.  This chick is like Mr. Magoo.  Just going to lunch ends up with her stumbling though a construction site and walking into a big pipe as its lifted off the ground and then her stepping onto a girder in mid air and then onto the frame of the building, with endless catastrophe only a second away.  Then she wanders into a tiger cage and says "nice doggy" and washes her hands in a urinal before ordering lunch from a bank teller.

I'd still totally hit that, though.

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