By brendon September 14, 2007 @ 4:36 PM

Can we just be serious for one second please. How GD amazing is it that Jordan Bratman gets to F Christina Aguilera?  More people were killed by gorillas last year than dudes who pulled ass this far out of their league.  I can't believe I never even got to sleep with her once.  I think maybe she was put off by my promiscuous past.  I made it clear to her that I'd never been with a prostitute (in this country) and I even showed her my negative test for STD's, but she wouldn't give it up.  Granted my STD test was a true-false test that I wrote myself, and upon closer inspection it would appear I do in fact have several STD's, but the test is framed in a frame showing Tigger sitting on Winnie the Poohs tummy.  Awwwww!

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    Coksooka Wu 09/14/2007 17:05


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    Coksooka Wu 09/14/2007 17:05

    Pregnancy done gave that hizzo some big ol' funbags.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 09/14/2007 17:06

    Proof that God has pity on us ugly dudes or righteous anger against gorgeous women…

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    Diremutt 09/14/2007 17:07

    Is that a roadmap tattooed on her tits?

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    Diremutt 09/14/2007 17:08

    Swergen, two white cocksucka!

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    Dirty Hairy 09/14/2007 17:08

    Aren't babies supposed to be grown int he uterus, not the breasts? Then again, what the fuck do I know? I still believe in Satan Santa Claws Claus.

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    djtechsys 09/14/2007 17:08

    she'll lose the nice tits when she gains a screaming mouth to feed…


    then she'll end up like britbrit… and we'll be making fun of her "comeback"

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    bryce 09/14/2007 17:11

    Jason? Jordan? Whatever, the dude is a hero and inspiration to us all…

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    gotdang 09/14/2007 17:11

    Wow, those are huge…rocks in that ring.   Damn, girl.  Is that what Jordan bought you from the common bank account to which you are the larger contributor?

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    Jesus H. Christ 09/14/2007 17:12

    I love me some pregnant women.  Boobs swell and firm up.  Cooters get a little juicier.  They tend to give head in lieu of sex.  Asses get a little rounder.  Nasty?  Maybe.  Sextastic? Absolutely.  

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    DB's Treasure 09/14/2007 17:13

    Absolutely fabulous tits. Too bad the baby has a disgusting hobo looking je.w bag for a father

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    Tennessee Tuxedo 09/14/2007 17:13

    Why is the chick orange? This woman is the quintessential example of why it would suck to be a woman.  Sweats and T and it probably took her 3 hours to get ready.

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    nancifaye 09/14/2007 17:14

    How can she be denying that she's preggers?  Her bump is bigger than Nicole Ritchie's.  If you think her boobs are big now, just wait until her milk comes in. 

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    Stacy 09/14/2007 17:18

    Blue veined monsters.

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    damNitJim! 09/14/2007 17:19

    i wish i was pregnant again. so i could have bigger tits. cheaper than a boob job.

    why is this news?

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    man bear pig 09/14/2007 17:24

    Holy fun bags!

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    MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 09/14/2007 17:26

    db treasure is right on this one. mazeltow!

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    Tony03 09/14/2007 17:33

    God, get a load of that beak! Is she Jewish or what?

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    MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 09/14/2007 17:34

    jordon looks very motivated in the pics before and has a great smile.

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    rv 09/14/2007 17:35

    now why cant terrorists kill this guy? hes absolutely useless.

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