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The New York Post says that "Hostel 2" star Bijou Phillips was front row at the Heatherette fashion show last week in New York, and she spent her time making fun of Nicky Hiltons giant failures and Kim Karadshians giant ass.  Page Six says:

One source told us, "All these execs were around, and Bijou Phillips was sitting next to Tinsley Mortimer knocking Nicky Hilton's line. She called it 'complete garbage.' Then there were people running around talking about how nobody could find an outfit that would fit Kim Kardashian's ass. Plus, no one clapped when she walked the runway."

That entire show (pictures here and here) was like some assembly of the dammed, just trannies and whores and weirdos doing X and crawling around on their retarded mutant flippers.  Oh, and Kim Karadshians big ass.  It wasn't even like real clothes.  It's the kind of stuff a lonely 8 year old makes to dress up her cat.

(not that cat you fuckin perverts)

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