By brendon September 05, 2007 @ 2:58 PM

Back in January of last year, it was rumored that the Wachowski Brothers – who wrote and directed "Bound" and the Matrix trilogy – were actually the directors of "V for Vendetta", but they chose to take their name off because at the time Larry Wachoswki was undergoing gender reassignment.  And yes, you read that right.  He was in the middle of a sex change operation, and they wanted to avoid the media as much as possible.  And it wasn't the first weird thing Larry had ever done.  He also famously divorced his wife to start a relationship with a dominatrix named Ilsa Stix. So, if you're keeping score, he's now a woman, but a lesbian woman.  RatedM.com says:

The major aspects of the surgery have been complete for some time now, and he (I'm sorry, "she") is now undergoing further hormone treatment and psychological therapy. He has also legally changed his name. The change has put a tremendous strain on his relationship with his brother, but Andy sticks by him regardless of his choices. The source also mentioned that Lana, formerly Larry, is contemplating leaving film for good. This was recommended by his therapist. If he does stay in the team, he obviously won't be a "he" anymore, so the team would be called simply "The Wachowskis".
So what of his long time affair with the famous dominatrix Mistress Ilsa? Well Larry has always been fascinated, if not obsessed, with lesbianism. So he would still be "gay" so to speak, but in the woman + woman category. All of his most recent public appearances were as a woman, save his court appearance, in which he was still very effeminate.

Well now maybe I will get that sex change after all.  She looks gorgeous.  I bet guys who get sex changes are really happy.  Just walks on the beach in a slinky bikini, or romantic picnics by the lake, or maybe just a ride on a tandem bike, laughing and flirting with their new hunky lover.  If Lana wants to give up movies, maybe she can be a sexy cat burglar, lithe and graceful with long red hair, slinking around the night in a skin tight bodysuit as an international jewel thief.  Her life must be fantastic!

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    Dr. Gonzo 09/05/2007 15:07

    i'm glad there is finally something to talk about here other than sadistic assholes and white nerd boys posing as large black men.

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    rv 09/05/2007 15:10

    yea now we get to talk about 2 douchebags who made one good movie and followed it up with two pieces of shit barely better than battlefield earth.

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    DB's Treasure 09/05/2007 15:10

    Who posed as a large black guy? Where the hell have I been? WHO THE HELL DID I HIT!?!?

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    DB's Treasure 09/05/2007 15:11

    Seriously…..who the hell are these toolshacks?

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    DB's Treasure 09/05/2007 15:12

    Oh, directors of The Matrix movies.

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    Jim 09/05/2007 15:14

    that chick on the left needs a makeover. what? oh.

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    Son of Bill Brasky 09/05/2007 15:15

    It was always a vagina.  The Matrix only MADE it look like a penis.

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    Jesus H. Christ 09/05/2007 15:20

    But what will really bake you noodle later is, would you have known it was a vagina if I hadn't told you it was?

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    Bulb 09/05/2007 15:21

    That bitch got a sex change, or just the cancer? Either way, bummer. Keep smiling, yeah?

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    Angel Eyes Van Cleef 09/05/2007 15:25

    Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses or have neat scars where their balls used to be.

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    DB's Treasure 09/05/2007 15:27

    On a sex change….do they use your ball bag skin to make the labias? I almost vomited 

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    Son of Bill Brasky 09/05/2007 15:33

    HAHAHAHA.  phantom limb syndrome must be a bitch…scratching at itchy balls that aren't there anymore.  oh god, that's comedy gold.  Someone run with it before Mencia steals my shit..

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    Bulb 09/05/2007 15:33

    …and take that stupid girly bonnet off

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    Son of Bill Brasky 09/05/2007 15:50

    wait…these gooftards did "Bound"?  That's like possibly the best girl on girl scene in cinematic history!  It all makes sense now…

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    djtechsys 09/05/2007 15:50

    SoBB 15:33 – that would drive me crazy forever….




    mencia stealing my shit, i mean

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    Baphomet 09/05/2007 15:57

    I'm a fan of them. Right now, I feel like throwing up. 

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    The Professional Asshole called Mohammed 09/05/2007 16:00

    What can you expect from the professional shit-eaters in the entertainment community?? After all, these batshit-crazy miscreants are ALL Demoncrats, so it would be expected that their choice of lifestyle would be so abnormal, depraved and completely alternative. The Wachowski brothers' movies all stunk to the high heavens anyway, so this sex-change operation shouldn't affect in any adverse way…except to prove how liberals are really mentally ill as Michael Savage so aptly observes. Being a liberal, Wachowski obviously assumes that a sex-change operation is okay because "if it feels good, do it!" But, seriously, people who are even thinking of a sex-change operation are severely sick in the head. They obviously have irretrievable psychological damage, and they should be totally exiled from civil society.

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    Son of Bill Brasky 09/05/2007 16:00

    Look at where all of the money the Matrix fanboys shucked out went to!

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    Elvis The Undead King Of Rock And Roll 09/05/2007 16:02

    This should be a Hollywood unwritten rule. Destroy a movie franchise, get your dick snipped off.

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    Random Poster 09/05/2007 16:03

    They did V for Vendetta?  That was a great movie.

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